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Historical stories, conservation and collections updates and other stories from the Mary Rose

In Conversation With…One of the Original Dive Team 20 May 2021
A podcast from the Mary Rose

In our exclusive podcast, Christopher Dobbs discusses his Mary Rose story, going back to when he joined the project in 1979.

Find out what it was like to raise the Mary Rose, and of the 14,000 objects recovered, which is Chris' favourite!

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Make your own LEGO Mary Rose (and other things!) 02 Apr 2020
More fun things to make and do!

While we're all stuck indoors why not bring the world of the Mary Rose to your home through the medium of LEGO!

We have a number of models to make, with instructions for making them yourselves. Don't worry if you don't have all the pieces, you can always improvise a...

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Steering the Mary Rose 31 Mar 2020
How did they steer the Mary Rose?

Popular imagination inspired by movies and paintings shows the great Tudor explorers stood on the upper decks of their ships, one hand on the ship’s wheel as they search for foreigners to shoot at. However, the famous ship’s wheel, used alongside the anchor to represent all things maritime, wasn't in...

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How did a coconut find its way onto the Mary Rose wrecksite? 24 Mar 2020
Things found on the wreck site that aren’t off the Mary Rose

One of the more unexpected objects found on the Mary Rose wreck site is a Coconut, which may or may not have been on the Mary Rose. It was found in the scour pit caused by the ship on the seabed, but the layer of mud it was found it...

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The Plague in Portsmouth - 1545 16 Mar 2020
The loss of the Mary Rose wasn't the only misfortune to strike Portsmouth in 1545...

The Black Death hit Portsmouth several times in the city's history, with particularly nasty outbreaks in 1349, 1558, 1625 and 1665/6, but we're going to take a look at the outbreak that hit Henry VIII's fleet in September 1545.

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Make your own Diver! 13 Mar 2020
A fun science project for all the family!

You aren't allowed to dive on the Mary Rose wreck site, but you can still experience the fun of diving with your own Cartesian Diver!

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The Innocent Big Knit 10 Mar 2020
Knit mini hats based on The Mary Rose!

You've probably noticed in the Autumn that Innocent smoothies are given little knitted hats. These bottles are part of Innocent's Big Knit, which raises money for Age UK.

We thought a great way to support this scheme would be by designing some mini hats of our own and ...

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Make your own Holograms! 06 Mar 2020
A fun science project for all the family!

Okay, so they're not real holograms, but if you've ever wanted to see an object float before your eyes, we have the thing for you!

See one of our 3D artefacts as a miniature 'hologram' by following the instructions below to make your own holoprism!

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Caring for our collection 19 Feb 2020
There is a lot more to displaying the objects from the Mary Rose than just taking them out of the sea, wiping off the mud and sticking them in a display case…

The conservation work undertaken on the Mary Rose’s objects involves not only preserving and stabilising the artefacts, but continuing to look after them when on display or in storage, to make sure that they can be studied and enjoyed by future generations.

Our collection comes from the largest underwater archaeological...

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