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About the Mary Rose

Some basic information about Henry VIII's flagship

Ship Outline
The Mary Rose in 1545


Approx. 40.9 m/134ft (stem to stern) 


11.9m/39 feet 


700 tonnes 


Portsmouth, 1509-1511 



(200 mariners, 185 soldiers, 30 gunners + officers)


Medway, 1536

Major battles

St Matthieu (1512)

Solent (1545)


The Solent, 19th July 1545


Now With Faded Original
The Mary Rose - present day


31.1m remains


8.1m remains


200 tonnes  (estimate, as raised)




11th October 1982

Turned upright

October 1985

Sprayed with Polyethylene Glycol


Final museum opening

19th July 2016


Explore the Mary Rose in 3D

The Mary Rose: 1510-1545
The History of the Mary Rose

There’s a common misconception that the Mary Rose sank on her maiden voyage. 

In fact, she was a successful warship for Henry VIII  for 34 years: almost the entire duration of his reign.

The history of the Mary Rose
The loss of the Mary Rose
Why did the Mary Rose sink?

The only confirmed eyewitness account of the Mary Rose’s sinking says that she had fired all of her guns on one side and was turning when she was caught in a strong gust of wind. 

Other accounts agree that she was turning, but there could be a number of reasons why she sank during this manoeuvre.

Why did the Mary Rose sink?
Recovering the Mary Rose
Returning the Mary Rose to the surface

A huge team of divers, archaeologists and scientists was involved in raising the Mary Rose.

Amateurs and professionals alike were dedicated to the cause, and the project broke new ground in diving and conservation techniques.

Raising the Mary Rose
Bringing the Mary Rose back to life
Life on board the Mary Rose

From the artefacts and historical documents, we can piece together what kind of life the sailors may have had.

The Mary Rose offers us a unique glimpse into life in Tudor times.

Life on board
Reconstructing the Mary Rose
The Mary Rose Image Gallery

You can view a gallery of images of the Mary Rose, both as paintings of how she was in the 16th century, and as photographs of how she is today!

Image gallery