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About the Mary Rose

Some basic information about Henry VIII's favourite ship

(and no, it didn't sink first time out!)

The History of the Mary Rose: 1510-1545

The Mary Rose was a war ship in Henry VIII’s "Army by Sea", built in Portsmouth. 

Launched in 1511, the Mary Rose would go on to fight in wars against France and Scotland in a career spanning 34 years.

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Why did the Mary Rose sink?

On 19th July 1545, during the Battle of the Solent, the Mary Rose sank with the loss of around 500 soldiers and sailors.

Despite it happening in full view of the French and English fleets, there is still debate as to why she sank.

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Recovering the Mary Rose

A huge team of divers, archaeologists and scientists was involved in raising the Mary Rose.

Amateurs and professionals alike were dedicated to the cause, and the project broke new ground in diving and conservation techniques.

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Life on board the Mary Rose

From the objects recovered we can piece together what kind of life the sailors may have had.

The Mary Rose offers us a unique glimpse into life in Tudor times.

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Reconstructing the Mary Rose

How did the Mary Rose look before she sank? Images from the time, along with study of the hull allow us to recreate Henry VIII's favourite warship.

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Artefact gallery

Over 19,000 objects were recovered from the seabed, see a selection of them in our artefact gallery.

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