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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file which is placed on your computer or device's hard drive. They make certain features of a website possible, such as sharing content with friends on social networks or allowing us to improve, both your user experience and the experience of others, by monitoring how the website is navigated.

This cookie policy outlines what cookies can be found on the website and how they are utilised. You can also find information on how to disable cookies, if you do not wish to have cookies saved to your computer or device.


Cookies used on the Website

The website uses the following cookies set out below.


Cookies Description
Session Cookies These enable you to carry out some essential functions on the website, such as maintaining log in details for a transaction or preserving your basket. They also help by minimising the need to transfer information across the internet and expire when you terminate your browser session.
Google Analytics Cookies This website uses Google Analytics. This is a web analytics service provided by Google enabling us to monitor how the website is accessed and navigated - we use this information to make improvements to the general user experience.
Paypal Express Cookies This website uses Paypal Express. This is a checkout service provided by Paypal that offers our customers an alternative method of paying for their orders.


How to disable cookies

Most modern browsers allow you to control your cookie settings for all websites that you browse. You can disable cookie deployment completely by editing your browser settings, however in doing this you may be limiting the functionality that is displayed on our website. To learn how to disable cookies on your preferred browser we recommend reading this advice posted by Google.

If you are concerned about cookies tracking your movements on the Internet then you may be concerned about spyware. Spyware is the name given to a particular band of cookies that track personal information about you. There are many antispyware programs that you can use to prevent this from happening. Learn more about antispyware software – You can also disable Google Analytics on all websites by downloading the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.