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Shardlake and the Mary Rose 07 Jan 2020
If you’re a fan of Matthew Shardlake, you will have most likely have noticed that the Mary Rose makes an appearance in Heartstone, the fifth book in the series.

C J Sansom, the creator of Shardlake, consulted with our team when he was writing Heartstone, ensuring that the story contains accurate information about artefacts, events and, of course, the Mary Rose. As we are only concerned with a small part of the book, we will of course be ignoring...

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Yet another Mary Rose Christmas 17 Dec 2019
It's that time of year again...

With the inevitability of death, taxes and museum cufflinks ending up in the clearance section, Christmas is upon us again, and everybody is getting Christmassy. The museum events team are preparing for the Christmas parties for our staff and volunteers, the shop is making the Henry VIII and...

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Make your own Christmas Cards! 09 Dec 2019
Print out and make your own Mary Rose Christmas cards this Festive season!

Want to make a personalised Christmas card? Download and print one of ours!

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Hatch's Christmas - A free eBook 01 Dec 2019
Celebrate Christmas with Hatch the dog as he embarks on a new adventure for the Tudor ratter!

This Christmas we've produced a sequel to "A Dog's Tale", a short story about Hatch, the ship's dog on board the Mary Rose.

The Mary Rose wasn't busy in winter, so how does a dog that lives on the ship keep busy when the human crew have all...

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Third Thursday Twitter Tours 21 Nov 2019
Discover the Mary Rose collection in our irreverent online tours!

The Mary Rose is proud to announce that we're holding Third Thursday Twitter Tours, online tours on Twitter, which look at a number of objects in the Mary Rose on a particular theme. However, rather than just subjects like “The Carpenter”, or “Food and Drink” (though there will be...

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Witchcraft, Belief and Religion on board the Mary Rose 31 Oct 2019
A blog by Alice Mew, Collections Volunteer

Here in the archives, myself and the other Collections Volunteers have been scanning away and have recently reached our 60,000 digitised images milestone! As we make our way through the (hundreds of) film strips, we’re continuing to see Tudor objects make their way from the bottom of the Solent...

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The Animals of the Mary Rose 28 Oct 2019
The Mary Rose carried a crew of around 500 men, but they weren’t the only ones who called the Mary Rose their home!

As well as the human inhabitants, the Mary Rose was home to a number of animals, some welcome, others not so welcome…

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Five tiny things recovered from the Mary Rose 08 Oct 2019
Is bigger always better?

A lot of people would have you believe that bigger is best, and while it’s true that the Mary Rose is the biggest (and best!) archaeological artefact in the UK, her artefacts come in all sizes.

We’re going to concentrate on the tiny ones…

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Meet "Henry" 01 Oct 2019
Meet one of the Many Faces of Tudor England...

‘Henry’, given his name by Mary Rose divers in the 1970s when he was found down in the hold area of Henry VIII’s ship, is one of the most complete of the 92 fairly complete crew skeletons, and one of our most surprising...

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