Let’s Play! Takeover Day 2023 | The Mary Rose
Let’s Play! Takeover Day 2023
Learning | 28 Nov, 2023 | The Learning Team
Taking part in Kids in Museums' Takeover Day

We welcomed Binsted Primary School’s Coding Club on Friday 17th November as part of the Kids in Museums Takeover Day 2023, to “take over” the museum, creating some incredible ideas for immersive visitor experiences. 

The Coding Club at Binsted Primary School had been learning about the role of museum curators, so it seemed a perfect opportunity for them to come along for the nationwide Takeover Day, run by the organisation Kids in Museums, where young people are invited in to explore the roles behind the scenes at many of our national museums. 

We started with a brief introduction to the history of the Mary Rose before exploring the museum. The children were challenged to think about how visitors experience the museum and what was on offer for people their own age. With iPads in hand to record anything that piqued their interest, they went through the 1545 experience, toured the galleries, and finished off with the 4D cinema. Certain exhibits were instantly popular, such as Hatch the dog, our sandpit of buried items, and even the lift caused gasps and a bit of inspiration! 

We explored the models they had made in the Club, using Lego and all including moving parts. They had created virtual exhibitions, immersive art galleries, moving ships, and even a special effects dragon. 
Then they set down to designing new interactive experiences for new visitors. The ideas ranged from a memory room for Hatch and a 4D story of his life to interactive trails as you went up in the lift. They were quite strict…any wrong answers meant visitors were not allowed to progress through the museum which might not go down too well on TripAdvisor! 

The 4D experience was a key inspiration point and one piece of work wanted to create a new film about the sinking with added smells of seaweed and salt water, a fully immersive experience. 

Overall, the kids really engaged with the day and produced some very imaginative responses to the museum. We very much enjoyed being ‘taken over’ by them and look forward to the next Takeover Day in 2024. 

I'm taking over
Waiting To Go In
Looking at the Ship
Dragon Exhibition
Working On Their Exhibition
Design Your Own Exhibition