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40 Years of the Mary Rose

On 11th October, 1982, the Mary Rose returned to the surface in one of the most anticipated archaeological events the world has even known.

In 2022, we celebrate 40 years since that day, and the work that made it happen.

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Uncovering the Mary Rose

The story of the raising didn't start on 11th October...

Hundreds of thousands of hours were spent on the seabed uncovering the Mary Rose.

Blue Peter and the Mary Rose

Here's one we made earlier...

For many schoolchildren in the 1980s, the Mary Rose will forever be associated with the popular BBC TV show Blue Peter, which sent presenter Sarah Greene to dive on the wreck site in 1982.

Alexander McKee (1918-1992)

The man who found the Mary Rose

The search for the Mary Rose began in 1965 with Alexander McKee, an amateur historian and diver who had believed that Henry VIII's ship had survived beneath the surface, and formed a team to help find it..

Margaret Rule (1928-2015)

The woman who raised the Mary Rose

For very nearly 50 years, her name has been synonymous with that of the Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s flagship, having been the archaeological director of the remarkable excavation.

40th Anniversary blog

Discover the stories of the raising

Check out our blog, with features on objects that were found, and memories of the people who helped excavate and raise the Mary Rose.

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40 years on, the work continues...

Work on the Mary Rose didn't end in 1982, ever since we've been working hard to understand and care for the thousands of objects recovered. 

Share your memories with us of the Raising of the Mary Rose!

Whether it's memories of watching it on TV, from the seafront in Portsmouth or even being part of the operation, we want to hear from you!

The Mary Rose Anniversary Lectures 2022

Thursday 6th October - Saturday 8th October 2022

Celebrating 40 Years of the raising of the Mary Rose

More information coming soon...

This page is being updated as we get closer to the anniversary. Please come back to see what new information we've added, or keep an eye on our social media channels.

Anniversary Lectures 2022 06 Oct - 08 Oct 2022
Thursday 6th - Saturday 8th October

Join us as over three days we will look at the Tudor court during the time the Mary Rose was in service, the impact the Mary Rose excavation has had on maritime archaeology and hear the story of the raising from some of those involved. 

Each day will run...

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