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Work experience at The Mary Rose inspired my career 18 Jul 2023
Professional archaeologist's view 16 years on

Sixteen years ago Archaeologist Alice Dowsett undertook their secondary school work experience at the Mary Rose Museum. She didn’t anticipate it would lead them to become into a career as a professional archaeologist.

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Meet the Mary Rose Trust 2023 Weston Heritage Interns 03 Jul 2023
Who's helping us look after the Mary Rose?

The Mary Rose Trust Weston Heritage Internship Programme is a 12-week paid internship supported by The Garfield Weston Foundation taking place this year between June and September. Have a read to discover who we are and what we’ll be doing.  

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Teamwork Tudor-style! 20 Jun 2023
Gun Drills at the Mary Rose

 Have you got what it takes to be in our Tudor Gun crew? We recently celebrated 10 years in the new museum. The Tudor Gun Drill was well established in the original museum and is still one of our most popular activities. Over the years, thousands of young people...

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Seabed to Showcase: The Money-Changer’s Purse 06 Jun 2023
A collections blog by Lina Fitzjames

In the last blog, we delved into the history of one of our most well-known artefacts – the Mary Rose’s dog, ‘Hatch’. Today, we’ll look at the money-changer’s purse -– which offers a fascinating insight into life onboard a Tudor warship.

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A Day In The Life Of The Tudor Surgeon 16 May 2023
Our Learning team take a look at Tudor medicine through the eyes of the Mary Rose's surgeon

Medicine is as old as humankind and over thousands of years there have been many changes and innovations. The history of medicine is an endlessly fascinating subject perhaps more so as we can all relate in a small way to the illnesses and injuries of our ancestors. The Mary Rose...

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Fortifying the Museum 01 May 2023
The 10 year anniversary of the installation of bronze guns at the Mary Rose Museum

The Mary Rose Museum celebrates its 10th birthday on 31st May 2023. A new, modern museum built around the remains of the hull and with it, at the time, still undergoing the polyethylene glycol treatment. The museum brought together many of the thousands of artefacts to display alongside the ship...

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