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Join the Dots 08 Oct 2018
Recreate the Mary Rose

Join the dots to see how the Mary Rose would have looked in 1545!

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Can you name the crew of the Mary Rose? 05 Oct 2018
Which ones have we made up?

While we'll never know the names of those who lost their lives on that day in 19th July 1545, records do preserve the names of some of the crew of the Mary Rose over her 34 year career.

How well do you know the crew of the Mary Rose? Find...

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Sir George Carew’s Dodgy Past! 21 Sep 2018
The last admiral of the Mary Rose had an interesting history...

Sir George Carew is probably best known as the admiral of the Mary Rose on the day she sank, 19th July 1545.

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The Unfortunate Story of Jacques Berenghier 04 Sep 2018
Was he a saboteur, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

In the very early days of the Mary Rose, after Admiral Edward Howard had taken her as his flagship in April 1512, there was very little action. The Battle of St Matthieu in August provided some excitement for the fleet, but the rest was patrolling, and the occasional harassment...

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Five "theories" about why the Mary Rose sank (and why they're rubbish) 28 Aug 2018
Got to love a bit of speculation...

Everybody knows that the Mary Rose sank (even if they're not sure of at what point in her career), but why she sank is still a bit of a mystery.

Elsewhere on this very site we have a list of four of the most likely theories for why...

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All Aboard! Our week at the Mary Rose 03 Aug 2018
A blog for Teen Twitter Takeover!

We are both A-level students studying Tudor history, so where better to do work experience than the Mary Rose Museum?

Our week here has been busy and varied, and we both felt very welcomed by the team.  Through shadowing volunteers, we were able to study the various artefacts in more...

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Ballast on the Mary Rose 02 Aug 2018
It's more interesting than it sounds, honest...

102 tonnes of ballast were on board the Mary Rose when she sank. Consisting of broken flints similar to those originating in the Portsmouth Area, the presence of shells belonging to cockles, oysters and periwinkles within it suggests that it was probably sourced from the beach at Portsmouth Harbour.


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Work Placements at the Mary Rose - Part 2 12 Jul 2018
In part 2 of her blog, Gemma McDermott, an archaeology student from Leeds, talks about her experiences with experimental archaeology...

If you missed it, go back and read part 1

As part of my internship I participated in a project of ‘Experimental Archaeology’ for the Mary Rose. At the rear of the museum there is a replica of the galley found on board the Mary Rose. The galley consists...

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Work Placements at the Mary Rose - Part 1 10 Jul 2018
Gemma McDermott, an archaeology student from Leeds, talks about her experiences on a work placement at the Mary Rose

Being a student is a mixture of stress and excitement. At times, the stress out-weighs the excitement. When, in July 2017, I was faced with the job of finding a work placement for the third year of my BA Archaeology degree I immediately felt the stress. After applying to many...

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