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Ask a stupid question… 30 Sep 2019
There's nothing to be ashamed of about asking questions

A lot of people use the same starting point when they ask our volunteers questions in the museum; “This may be a stupid question, but…”

The sad thing is, it never is. They may be obvious questions, such as when the Mary Rose sank, or were there any...

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Disability on the Mary Rose 24 Sep 2019
Meet some of the Many Faces of Tudor England...

You might not think that a ship like the Mary Rose would have a place for the disabled; accessibility and inclusivity weren’t exactly a high priority in Tudor England, and especially not on a fighting ship.

However, we have at least two members of the Mary Rose crew who suffered...

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The Carpenter of the Mary Rose 17 Sep 2019
Meet one of the Many Faces of Tudor England...

On a wooden ship there aren’t many more important jobs than that of carpenter, and while the Mary Rose appears to have had a small team of them on board, the most important of all was the Master Carpenter, who owned a cabin on the main deck.

This cabin is...

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Myths of the Mary Rose 10 Sep 2019
Busting a few myths about Henry VIII's favourite warship

Would you believe that some things you might have heard about the Mary Rose might not be 100% true?

Based on one of our Third Thursday Tours

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Back to School on the Mary Rose 23 Aug 2019
The Kids are going back to school, so let’s have a gratuitous blog to cash in!

In Tudor England school wasn't the same as it is today. Young boys would go to school as infants to get a basic education, but as soon as they were old enough to work, they were on their own. Of course, if you were rich you could go to a...

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Five things on the Menu on the Mary Rose 06 Aug 2019
Among the 19,000 objects recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose, we found evidence of the food the crew ate, as well as the food they never got to eat.

Napoleon Bonaparte is popularly quoted as saying “An army marches on its stomach”, and even though he wasn’t born until long after the Mary Rose sank, the crew of that warship knew the importance of being well fed.

Among the 19,000 objects recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose,...

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Are you a Savvy Shipwright? 26 Jul 2019
Do you know your way round a Tudor Warship?

Can you tell if these are technical terms for part of a ship, or something else?

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The Boats of the Mary Rose 23 Jul 2019
What's that boat being towed behind the Mary Rose?

The Anthony Roll, which features one of only two contemporary depictions of the Mary Rose, shows the Mary Rose with a boat being towed along behind.

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Everything a parent needs to know about the Mary Rose 15 Jun 2019
For when the kids ask, and you know they’re going to!

Some parents take pride in knowing everything, and are always happy to share their knowledge with their kids. However, sometimes mums and dads need help with a few details, so we've provided this handy guide to help!

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