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Historical stories, conservation and collections updates and other stories from the Mary Rose

Seabed to Showcase: Hatch the Dog 14 Apr 2023
A collections blog by Lina Fitzjames

Hatch, our ship's dog, is one of the most recognisable exhibits here at the Mary Rose (perhaps only second to the ship itself!). He’s also our most complete skeleton - but he wasn't discovered all at once...

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Don’t Miss the Boat! Telling the time on the Mary Rose 21 Mar 2023
A blog by the Mary Rose learning team.

As the clocks go forward this month, we thought we would turn our attention to timekeeping on the Mary Rose in 1545. Have a go at our maths challenge too – new online! It’s aimed at upper primary-age pupils, but could be easily adapted – why not add some of...

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Bringing the Mary Rose Crew to life with AI 06 Mar 2023
A guest blog by Graham Holgate of

"There are a host of new, exciting and innovative techniques using emerging tech increasingly being employed to add to the historical narrative - many of them have been covered on this very website! 

There have also been great strides in the techniques employed to visualise history. This blog is...

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Exploring Careers in Museums 21 Feb 2023
So, you want to work in the heritage sector?

With so many diverse opportunities available, deciding which direction to take into the world of work can be difficult for young people. Museums and heritage sites provide a huge range of options: customer-service and visitor engagement roles; STEM, engineering and maintenance; and business skills including marketing, finance and social media.

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The day the Mary Rose was raised. 07 Feb 2023
Where Were You in 82?

Having tunnelled under the Mary Rose to prepare for its raising 40 years ago in October 1982, Kester Keighley now shares his experience of the day of the raising.

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Shipwreck Science 17 Jan 2023
Discover more about the science behind the Mary Rose

When you think of visiting the Mary Rose Museum, your first thoughts are probably the Tudors or King Henry VIII, but we have a museum bursting with scientific interest! Research into the ship and her artefacts illuminates Tudor history, while the latest innovations in conservation science help preserve her for...

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