Raising the Mary Rose | The Mary Rose
Raising the Mary Rose

A huge team of divers, archaeologists and scientists was involved in raising the Mary Rose.

Amateurs and professionals alike were dedicated to the cause, and the project broke new ground in diving and conservation techniques.

The Mary Rose Protected Area – Information for Seafarers

Although the largest surviving part of the ship was raised in 1982, there are still significant remains of the Mary Rose still buried in the seabed.

Scientific instruments have been placed back on the site in June 2014 to replace some illegally dragged off the site in a previous year. These are collecting data that is helping us to protect the remains for the future.

We’ve produced a leaflet with Historic England to provide information for seafarers on how to best protect the wrecksite. You can download it at the link below.

Marker buoy for the Mary rose wreck site