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Image Enquiries

Commercial or professional photography (including photography intended for self-published work) is not permitted in the museum without written permission from the Mary Rose Trust. 

To obtain permission, please contact the us prior to your visit.

For any press, filming or PR enquiries please contact Sally Tyrrell.

The Mary Rose Trust holds an archive of images relating to the archaeological excavations and raising of the Mary Rose, conservation of the ship, artefacts found on board and internal and external images of the museum itself.

These images may be used for publications, articles, TV and broadcasting and personal research but only with permission from the Mary Rose Trust.

Images are not available to view online but please email our Images team with your request and they will do their best to find the right image for you. When submitting an enquiry using the web contact form, please make sure you select 'Image Use' from the 'Enquiry Type' drop down menu.

To help us process your request faster, please also include the answers the questions listed below. Please note that a permission fee may be requested (the cost will be dependent on the intended usage and type of image). 

- What is the medium the media will be used in? (Book, Magazine, Newspaper, Broadcast, Advertising, Marketing/Promotional, Product/Retail, Personal use/Reference) 

- What is the size of the print run? (0 to 4,999, 5,000 to 14,999, 15,000+, N/A)

- What is the intended distribution? (Local, National (UK), National (Other), International (World), N/A)

- Will the publication be available digitally? (Yes, No) If yes, where?