Things to See at The Mary Rose | The Mary Rose
Things to see at The Mary Rose

The Mary Rose is more than just a ship!

Here are just some of the amazing things to see and do at The Mary Rose!

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Explore the Mary Rose

Explore the decks of the Mary Rose as you walk through our galleries: the real ship on one side, her objects on the other.

See the ship brought to life as the crew go about their work in our amazing audio-visual projections.

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The Battle of the Solent

Discover the little-known tale of how the Mary Rose stood against one of the largest enemy fleets in English naval history, right on her own doorstep.

Our virtual Cowdray Engraving shows you the momentous events of 19 July 1545.

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Discover the ship's crew

The crew of the Mary Rose took many of their personal possessions with them to sea, from bowls and spoons to combs and games.

Maybe life in 1545 wasn't so different from how it is today? Step inside and find out!

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Experience the Upper Deck

Enjoy stunning views across the Mary Rose from our Upper Deck gallery.  

Breathe in the air and feel the atmosphere – life in Tudor England has never been closer!

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Explore the main gun deck

See how the guns of the Mary Rose were arranged for war on our reconstructed gun deck, a mirror image of the ship showing where they were found.

Every gun and carriage you see is real, and was used in combat by the Mary Rose.

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Meet Hatch, the ship's dog

Even in 1545 a man's best friend was his dog.

Found outside the carpenters' cabin, Hatch used to catch rats, now he captures the hearts of visitors of all ages.

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Discover the Many Faces of Tudor England

Discover that Tudor England wasn't how you probably pictured it in our new exhibition, which used the latest scientific techniques to tell us the secrets of the men of the Mary Rose.

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Get a photo!

Whether it's a selfie to share with your friends, or just an interesting object, we love seeing your photos!

Share the memories of your visit with us on social media, tagging us @MaryRoseMuseum

Just remember to turn off your flash!

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