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In conversation with… Dr Dominic Fontana 02 Nov 2021
The Mary Rose podcast

Episode 2: The Battle of the Solent

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In conversation with… Suzannah Lipscomb 27 Aug 2021
The Mary Rose podcast

Series 2 - Episode 1: Alliances, Intrigue, Peace and War…

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Make your own "Watch Dog" 23 Aug 2021
A fun arts project for all ages!

Make a papercraft dog that turns to look at you as you move around, all down to the wonders of optical illusions!

Perfect for school projects, or just to put on your desk!

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Hatch’s New Beginning 12 Jul 2021
A short story of the discovery of one of the Mary Rose's most popular exhibits

To celebrate 40 years since the discovery of the ship's dog on the Mary Rose, Simon, author of "A Dog's Tale" and "Hatch's First Christmas" has penned a short story about what happened on 12th July 1981...


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Meet our social media team 30 Jun 2021
Who are we?

The Mary Rose has been on social media for around 11 years, but who are the poor individuals who keep our followers informed and entertained on a daily basis?

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Musical Tributes to the Mary Rose 21 Jun 2021
Songs inspired by Henry VIII's favourite warship

The Mary Rose has proven inspirational to many in the fields of history and archaeology, but what about other fields?

Turns out Henry VIII's favourite ship is the favourite of a few musicians too, who've produced their own tributes.

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