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Meet the Volunteers - Graeme Barber 04 Jun 2018
Graeme Barber - Collections Volunteer

To celebrate Volunteers Week 2018, we've asked our volunteers to share their experiences of volunteering with our visitors.

Today we meet Graeme Barber, a volunteer who is helping us scan our extensive image archive..

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Meet the Volunteers - Mike Wyles 01 Jun 2018
Mike Wyles - Volunteer guide

To celebrate Volunteers Week 2018, we've asked our volunteers to share their experiences of volunteering with our visitors.

Today we meet Mike Wyles, a volunteer who works in our museum and learning centre.

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Raising a toast to the elegance of English wine 26 May 2018
Celebrating English Wine Week at The Mary Rose

The Mary Rose is nestled in one of the sunniest corners of England where the local produce is bountiful. Juicy strawberries from the fields of Sussex, fresh seafood from the Solent, and of course, sparkling crisp English wine from the vineyards of the South Downs.

The statistics speak for themselves....

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Photography at the Mary Rose 20 May 2018
Getting the best from photography at The Mary Rose

If you’ve ever visited the Mary Rose, or seen pictures of the interior, you will be aware that it's somewhat dark in the museum. We have lighting where possible, and we hold special Lights-Up mornings to assist those with visual impairment, but for conservation reasons, as well as to...

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Mary Rose: International Ship of History 18 May 2018
Tudor England was more multicultural than you might think...

When people think of the Tudors at Sea, they think of the Age of Exploration, people like Sir Walter Raleigh sailing around the world, discovering countries, bringing back vegetables and, oh, everything. While this was true during the reigns of Henry VIII’s children, He was less concerned with exploration, and...

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Reflections on EMYA 12 May 2018
Now that we have heard all the presentations, it is more appropriate to reflect on the Award

"As I write this it is at least 10 hours before we hear the result but I am even optimistic now than when I was thinking about it on the plane. I am biased, but we are of course the best.


Naturally, my views may not be the...

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Third Thursday Twitter Tours 10 May 2018
Discover the Mary Rose collection in our irreverent online tours!

The Mary Rose is proud to announce that we're holding Third Thursday Twitter Tours, online tours on Twitter, which look at a number of objects in the Mary Rose on a particular theme. However, rather than just subjects like “The Carpenter”, or “Food and Drink” (though there will be...

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Mary Rose Archive Digitisation – April 2018 30 Apr 2018
This month, we have a guest blog from Alice Mew, Collections Volunteer

April marks the sixth month I have been volunteering with the collections team here at the Mary Rose Trust. Archiving the 35mm film strips has slowly become part of my weekly routine. Each Monday I encounter a new set of photographs, another layer of history waiting to be uncovered....

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Historic Buildings of the Mary Rose Trust 25 Apr 2018
The Mary Rose Museum isn't the only building used by the Mary Rose Trust...

The Mary Rose Trust is situated in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Naval Base, a place full of history and associated with many world firsts and notable people.

For example in 1495 the first ever dry dock was built and in 1906 HMS Dreadnought was launched, the first steam-turbine powered battleship....

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