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#SENDinMuseums – Make the most of your visit 15 Nov 2022
Museums are a fantastic learning resource for people of all ages and abilities.

Hands-on sensory learning is a common feature of modern museums and staff work hard to make things as accessible as possible. Our research into the barriers to visiting museums shows some teachers are concerned about bringing pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) out of school. This blog will...

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Where Were You in 82? - Tunnelling under the Mary Rose 07 Nov 2022
Kester Keighley was a member of the Mary Rose dive team, who was in the water when the Mary Rose was lifted...

"I joined the Mary Rose project in 1981 as a volunteer diver and that year we dived through until December carefully excavating the contents of the Mary Rose. I came back in 1982, from late April to mid-June, for the final push to empty the hull of all the remaining...

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Still learning 40 years on 10 Oct 2022
The 40th anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose this October provides an ideal opportunity to use the modern story of the Mary Rose to inspire learners of all ages.

For young and old, a shipwreck full of treasures raised from the deep captures the imagination, providing a chance to be creative – perhaps with a story or poem or piece of artwork. You could even learn the new song about the diving and excavation of the ship created by...

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CRASH! The moment that made a nation jump 04 Oct 2022
What actually happened at THAT moment during the raising of the Mary Rose?

When people talk about the raising of the Mary Rose, they talk about one of three things.

  1. Taking the day off work/school to watch it,
  2. Watching it at work/school
  3. The CRASH moment.


That moment clearly made an impact, breaking up the slow progress of the footage...

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Where Were You in 82? - Mary Rose Special Branch 26 Sep 2022
William Alwyn "Al" Davies is a member of the Mary Rose Special Branch of the British Sub Aqua Club

I have been a diver for many years and have dived on many various shipwrecks. Some in other sea areas of other countries, including some initial Archaeology experience on HMS Coronation at Penlee Point under the authorisation of Cmdr. Bax, of Fort Bovisand, Plymouth. The most interesting experience of them...

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Planning a school trip this academic year? 20 Sep 2022
Why visit the Mary Rose?

Working with teachers, we understand the huge effort of organising a school trip particularly in the current economic climate. However, the benefits of a school trip can reach far beyond the classroom and a one day trip. Tony, a retired teacher and one of our costumed volunteers, considers how the...

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