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XR and the Mary Rose 05 Sep 2022
In this month's collections blog, find out how we're working with the University of Portsmouth to find new ways of sharing the Mary Rose's story.

"I’m Tana, and I’ve been the Weston Heritage Curatorial Intern this summer with the Mary Rose Trust. Over the last few months, I’ve been fortunate to get involved in the fantastic work which has led to some new temporary installations in partnership with the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Creative...

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Where Were You in 82? - Royal Engineers 31 Aug 2022
Hugh McKnight was a Royal Engineers Diver during the final stages of the recovery of the Mary Rose

"I worked on the Mary Rose project from August until October 1982, and was very fortunate to be present (between support vessel Sleipner and crane Tog Mor) on the 11th October when she came to the surface.  Along with other work, I completed 31 dives, totalling 52 hours and 48...

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Are we fitter and healthier than our Tudor ancestors? 16 Aug 2022
Our latest Learning blog talks about how the Tudors eat, and how we can use this to teach children today about food...

"I’m Jane and I volunteer with the Learning team completing administration and research projects. Over the summer, we have taken part in the HAF FUN Pompey community programme with two sessions on Tudor food and medicine in partnership with Groundlings Theatre. Using evidence from the Mary Rose, we can discuss...

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The 180-Year-Old Mary Rose Souvenirs 02 Aug 2022
This month, Collections Intern Rosanna discusses some of the souvenirs produced during the Mary Rose craze of the 1840s.

"The shop of the Mary Rose Museum today is well stocked with gifts to help remember a visit. However, rather than a cuddly toy Hatch or a Henry VIII rubber duck, the souvenirs of the 1840s used salvaged wood from the Mary Rose to produce intricate objects…"

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What sank the Mary Rose? A perfect cross-curricular enquiry for any age 18 Jul 2022
The question What really sank the Mary Rose? is one of the most asked at the Mary Rose Museum. In July, the month when the Mary Rose sank in 1545, this blog discusses why this question makes such a great topic for learners of all ages.

What sank the Mary Rose? is a genuine historical question. School visitors are presented with a wide variety of evidence in an age-appropriate way: historical, archaeological and scientific. Theories include too much wind; overloading; misbehaving crew and French cannon fire. No one knows the real answer. We have a number...

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477 Years Ago: When their world ended, our story began 04 Jul 2022
A blog from Tom, one of the Kick Start trainees working with our Collections Team

477 years ago this month, on 19th July 1545, the Mary Rose sank in the Solent, the strait North of the Isle of Wight.  On this day, hundreds of men lost their lives to an unforeseeable tragedy.

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