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About the Mary Rose Trust

The Mary Rose Trust is responsible for looking after the Mary Rose and her unique collection of artefacts. Find out more about how and why we do this below.

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The Mary Rose Trust is a limited charitable trust, formed in 1979.  It is responsible for conserving and displaying the Mary Rose hull and her unique collection of artefacts for this and future generations.  It is also responsible for developing the Museum as a world-class visitor experience and as a scientific and educational resource.  For those who are unable to visit the Mary Rose Museum, the Trust offers an extensive and innovative outreach programme.

The President of the Mary Rose Trust is the former Prince of Wales, who has been involved with the Mary Rose ever since his first dive on the wreck back in 1974. Prince Charles continues to follow the project with a very close interest, and has played an active role in our objective of reuniting the Mary Rose with her incredible collection of artefacts.

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Our culture

Our purpose

To be an authentic time capsule that inspires future generations.

Our vision

To be a museum of the future, accessible for all and the internationally recognised home of conservation, science and authentic Tudor history.

Our values

We are an inspirational, innovative and inclusive team who always work together with integrity.

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Charitable Objectives
  • To find, record, excavate, raise, bring ashore, preserve, publish, report on and display for all time in Portsmouth, the Mary Rose
  • To establish, equip and maintain a museum or museums in Portsmouth that house the Mary Rose and related or associated material
  • To promote and develop interest, research and knowledge relating to:
    • The Mary Rose and all matters relating to or associated with her, and without prejudice to the foregoing, her place in maritime, naval, military and social history and her excavation and display
    • Matters relating to underwater heritage, wherever located, all for the education and benefit of the nation
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