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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I take photos for commercial or professional use?

Commercial or professional photography (including photography intended for self-published work) is not permitted without written permission from the Mary Rose Trust. To obtain permission, please contact the Images team prior to your visit.

Do carers need a ticket?

Registered disabled visitors to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the Mary Rose should purchase an appropriate ticket according to their age.

They are eligible to bring along a carer for free, but you must pre-book a carer ticket, so we can keep track of numbers of people within our time-slots and also for Track and Trace purposes.

A complimentary day ticket will be allocated to the carer on arrival at the Visitors Centre on the day. 

How do I book a school or group visit?

To enquire about a group or school visit you can send an email to or call us on 023 9281 2931.

What age are child tickets?

Child tickets are for children aged 3-15.  Children under 3 are free of charge. 

Can I purchase a ticket at The Mary Rose or Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on the day?

Currently all tickets need be be pre-booked online, and allocated to a valid time-slot.

Please visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard website to book HERE

I don’t have a printer…

That’s ok! If you can’t print out your ticket, simply bring it with you on your smart phone, and show it at the Visitor Centre

What happens when I buy a ticket online?

On completion of your online ticket purchase, you will be emailed your ticket, with a link that will take you though to the Booking section, where you can book a time-slot to visit

How do I use my ticket?

You will be emailed an order confirmation number that will include your unique Booking Reference Number and a barcode that also contains this number.  You may make a note of this number and take with you when you visit the Portsmouth historic Dockyard in place of a ticket, although we suggest printing out the email as this will contain a barcode which will grant you quicker access. 

How can I visit other Historic Dockyard Attractions?

Entry to the Mary Rose Museum is in collaboration with the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard which will enable visitors to explore all of the dockyard’s extraordinary ships galleries and maritime experiences with one, simplified ticket.

You will be able to book a range of tickets that may include one, three or all the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard attractions including the Mary Rose

Who do I contact about an image enquiry?

Our Images team will be able to help you with any query relating to the use of our images for publications, articles, exhibitions, personal research etc.

Please be aware that depending on the intended usage of an image, a permission fee may be applied.

I was on the beach and found a timber. Is it from the Mary Rose?

Probably not. The wreck site is covered up, so no timbers would have moved by the tides.

Who found the Mary Rose?

The modern search for the Mary Rose began in 1965, lead by Alexander McKee, a diver and historian. The first timbers were discovered by Percy Ackland, a member of McKee's team, in October 1971.

Did the Mary Rose sink on her Maiden Voyage?

No. The Mary Rose had a 34 year long career before sinking.

You can find out more here:

The History of the Mary Rose

Why did the Mary Rose sink?

Nobody knows for sure, but some of the theories are listed here:

Why did the Mary Rose Sink

Is there a set route around the Mary Rose?

The museum was designed to have a one-way system, starting on the main deck, going down to the lower decks then up in our panoramic lift to the upper decks, before exiting.

We do not recommend going off the visitor route, as this can cause congestion at busy times. It can also lead to areas of the museum being missed out, as certain parts can only be accessed by following the visitor route.

Can I use my mobile/cell phone inside the museum?

We ask that you have your phone switched to silent for the duration of your visit, to avoid disruption to other visitors’ experiences.

Can we take photographs inside the museum?

We encourage all visitors to take personal photos, and share them with us via social media. However, flash photography is not permitted, as this can be harmful to the artefacts, as well as disturbing other visitors.

Is there anywhere we can leave bags?

Because the Historic Dockyard is part of a working naval base, you are not able to leave luggage anywhere on site. Unattended items may be confiscated or destroyed by the MOD police.

Is the Mary Rose suitable for children?

There is plenty for children to enjoy during your visit to The Mary Rose, and our life on board projections on the ship have proven very popular with our younger visitors..

Find out more on our Families page

Do we get to go on to the ship?

No. Only 40% of the Mary Rose survived the 437 years she spent under the sea, and she is extremely fragile. Our conservation team are the only people who are allowed on to the Mary Rose, and even then only in special circumstances.

How long does it take to go around the Mary Rose?

We recommend spending between 1.5 -2 hours to get the most out of the museum, although you may spend more or less time depending on your schedule.

Do you have an Audio Guide?

An Audio Highlights Tour is available in 8 languages on our website, at

We ask that you use headphones when listening to the audioguide.

Will my ticket for The Mary Rose still be valid when you re-open

Although your ticket has expired, we are adding an extension to your ticket to account for the time the site has been closed.  

To make your ticket valid and apply the new expiry date, you will need to validate it at

Do I need to book a Timeslot?

All visitors are required to book a date and time that they intend to visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, whether they have a ticket of not.
This is so that we can manage the number of visitors on site and adhere to social distancing requirements.  

Is the Mary Rose included on the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard ticket ?

The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard now includes entry to the Mary Rose with a the new ‘Ultimate Explorer’ ticket.

The Mary Rose Museum works in collaboration with the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and enables visitors to explore all of the dockyard’s extraordinary ships galleries and maritime experiences with one, simplified ticket.


Can I bring my dog?

Due to Ministry of Defence bylaws no animals, except for assistance dogs, are permitted onto the naval base, including the Historic Dockyard.

When is the Mary Rose open?

How much is a ticket to visit The Mary Rose?

See here for ticket information to book tickets for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

How do I get to the The Mary Rose?

What is accessibility like at The Mary Rose

Full accessibility information can be found on our accessibility pages