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Five things on the Menu on the Mary Rose 06 Aug 2019
Among the 19,000 objects recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose, we found evidence of the food the crew ate, as well as the food they never got to eat.

Napoleon Bonaparte is popularly quoted as saying “An army marches on its stomach”, and even though he wasn’t born until long after the Mary Rose sank, the crew of that warship knew the importance of being well fed.

Among the 19,000 objects recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose,...

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Are you a Savvy Shipwright? 26 Jul 2019
Do you know your way round a Tudor Warship?

Can you tell if these are technical terms for part of a ship, or something else?

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The Boats of the Mary Rose 23 Jul 2019
What's that boat being towed behind the Mary Rose?

The Anthony Roll, which features one of only two contemporary depictions of the Mary Rose, shows the Mary Rose with a boat being towed along behind.

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Everything a parent needs to know about the Mary Rose 15 Jun 2019
For when the kids ask, and you know they’re going to!

Some parents take pride in knowing everything, and are always happy to share their knowledge with their kids. However, sometimes mums and dads need help with a few details, so we've provided this handy guide to help!

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The Cowdray Engraving 03 Jun 2019
What is the Cowdray Engraving, where did it come from and why is it so important to us here at the Mary Rose?

As a visitor to the Mary Rose Museum it would be hard not to notice the Cowdray Engraving that dominates the first gallery that you enter, staff and volunteers talk about it and you can even buy merchandise in our shop featuring its design!

But what’s...

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A load of old Ballocks 27 May 2019
Some of the more "interesting" objects found on the Mary Rose...

A total of 65 of these 'ballock daggers' were found on the Mary Rose, suggesting that these unusually-shaped objects were a common tool among the crew, used both for working and fighting.

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Mary Rose Finger puppets! 15 May 2019
Create your own Mary Rose adventures!

For Museum Week 2019, the theme for 15th May is 'Play', so what better way to celebrate than with our special finger puppets!

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The Myth of the Maiden Voyage 17 Apr 2019
Why do people erronously think the Mary Rose sank on her maiden voyage?

Myths and legends are a popular part of our society, and we cling to them even when all the evidence says they’re wrong. Yet still, people believe things like Vikings wearing helmets with horns on them, Bob Holness playing Saxophone on ‘Baker Street’, and the Mary Rose sinking on her...

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Five Things from the Mary Rose that’ll make you go ‘Oooh’! 30 Mar 2019
Medical equipment on the Mary Rose

Being a warship, the Mary Rose carried a lot of objects that were, shall we say, unpleasant. As well as the various ship-to-ship weapons, there were pikes, daggers and swords for stabbing, bills and halberds for slashing, longbows and handguns for long distance killing, and rather nasty antipersonnel weapons such...

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