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Volunteers' Week 2022 06 Jun 2022
My Volunteer Experience...

To celebrate Volunteers' Week 2022, we asked some of our volunteers why they volunteer, what they enjoy about it and what they get out of helping us run a world-class museum...

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Bringing a 16th century flagon into the 21st century 31 May 2022
On 31st May 1982, an unusual pewter flagon was recovered from the Mary Rose.

On 31st May 1982, a rather unusual flagon was recovered from the Mary Rose wreck site. what makes it unusual? The numerous markings made on its surface!

This flagon has always been a bit tricky to display, with multiple markings at every angle. However you display it, there will always...

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Think you saw the Mary Rose at school? Think again! 17 May 2022
A lot has changed at the Mary Rose since your last visit...

When Learning Officer Clare saw this post on Twitter, it made her think how much has changed in the Mary Rose Learning Department since the days of the misty old ship hall and museum.

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Mary Rose - Collecting 40 Years On 02 May 2022
It's not just objects recovered from the Mary Rose in our collection...

Those who have been to the Mary Rose Museum will know how impactful and emotive the collection of artefacts recovered from the ship can be!  Over the last 40 years, alongside these original Tudor artefacts that form the Trust’s Primary Collection, there has been another treasure-trove of material being collected...

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A Day in the Life of a Learning Assistant 19 Apr 2022
In the first of a new series, our Learning Team talk about their work educating the youth of today about the story of the Mary Rose

"I’m Tarn, I’ve been a Learning Assistant with Mary Rose Learning since January 2022 as a job share. I love my job and thought I would share what sort of things we do!  We make sessions fun as well as educational and work alongside a wonderful team of staff and...

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The side of the museum you don’t see 05 Apr 2022
This month's collections blog features Luca and Tom, two of our Kickstart trainees.

The Kickstart Scheme is a programme launched by the Government to deliver funding to employers offering new job roles for 16–24-year-olds in receipt of Universal Credit, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme is aimed at preventing young people from facing long-term unemployment. Luca and Tom started their Kickstart Scheme jobs...

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