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Marine Life on the Mary Rose shipwreck 03 Oct 2023
Isabella, our Weston Heritage Conservation and Heritage Science Intern tells the story of some of the marine creatures that visited the shipwreck of the Mary Rose.

At the Mary Rose museum, you will find the remains of some of the animals that were onboard the Mary Rose when she sank, including the ship's dog and the rats he was there to catch. But did you know that we also have evidence of creatures that visited the...

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Recording a Tudor Navy: The Anthony Roll 04 Sep 2023
The story behind the only known Tudor depiction of the Mary Rose...

Images are a powerful source of information that can tell us details words cannot. In this blog we explore the Anthony Roll, which depicts one of the most recognisable and iconic portraits of the Mary Rose

Guest blog written by Francesca Raine for the Mary Rose collections team

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Queering The Mary Rose's Collection 08 Aug 2023
How can we understand The Mary Rose’s collection of personal objects through a Queer lens?

This blog does not attempt to identify the sexuality or gender identity of crew members, which would be an impossible task. Instead, we will use ‘Queerness as an interpretative tool’ to represent LGBTQ+ stories.

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Meet the Mary Rose Trust 2023 Weston Heritage Interns 03 Jul 2023
Who's helping us look after the Mary Rose?

The Mary Rose Trust Weston Heritage Internship Programme is a 12-week paid internship supported by The Garfield Weston Foundation taking place this year between June and September. Have a read to discover who we are and what we’ll be doing.  

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Seabed to Showcase: The Money-Changer’s Purse 06 Jun 2023
A collections blog by Lina Fitzjames

In the last blog, we delved into the history of one of our most well-known artefacts – the Mary Rose’s dog, ‘Hatch’. Today, we’ll look at the money-changer’s purse -– which offers a fascinating insight into life onboard a Tudor warship.

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Fortifying the Museum 01 May 2023
The 10 year anniversary of the installation of bronze guns at the Mary Rose Museum

The Mary Rose Museum celebrates its 10th birthday on 31st May 2023. A new, modern museum built around the remains of the hull and with it, at the time, still undergoing the polyethylene glycol treatment. The museum brought together many of the thousands of artefacts to display alongside the ship...

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