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Bringing the Mary Rose Crew to life with AI 06 Mar 2023
A guest blog by Graham Holgate of

"There are a host of new, exciting and innovative techniques using emerging tech increasingly being employed to add to the historical narrative - many of them have been covered on this very website! 

There have also been great strides in the techniques employed to visualise history. This blog is...

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The day the Mary Rose was raised. 07 Feb 2023
Where Were You in 82?

Having tunnelled under the Mary Rose to prepare for its raising 40 years ago in October 1982, Kester Keighley now shares his experience of the day of the raising.

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Looking back and looking forward. 02 Jan 2023
A review of a year in museum collections by Sarah Coggins, conservation engineer at the Mary Rose Trust.

"I can’t believe that our first collections blog went live in February 2022!  

During my Christmas break I’ve been looking back at the blog and reflecting on some of the stories surrounding the work we accomplished in 2022."

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Steadying the ship 06 Dec 2022
Monitoring the Mary Rose's movement by James Harvie, Weston Heritage Conservation and Heritage Science intern

Even though it has been nearly 500 years since the Mary Rose last set sail, the ship is still moving. Such movement is to be expected and it is down to the conservators at the Mary Rose to monitor and understand this movement, ensuring that it remains under control. Working...

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Where Were You in 82? - Tunnelling under the Mary Rose 07 Nov 2022
Kester Keighley was a member of the Mary Rose dive team, who was in the water when the Mary Rose was lifted...

"I joined the Mary Rose project in 1981 as a volunteer diver and that year we dived through until December carefully excavating the contents of the Mary Rose. I came back in 1982, from late April to mid-June, for the final push to empty the hull of all the remaining...

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CRASH! The moment that made a nation jump 04 Oct 2022
What actually happened at THAT moment during the raising of the Mary Rose?

When people talk about the raising of the Mary Rose, they talk about one of three things.

  1. Taking the day off work/school to watch it,
  2. Watching it at work/school
  3. The CRASH moment.


That moment clearly made an impact, breaking up the slow progress of the footage...

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