Mary Rose Trust Photography and Filming Statement | The Mary Rose
Mary Rose Trust Photography and Filming Statement
The Mary Rose Trust regularly works with schools. We use photographs of pupils/young people for various purposes including marketing and PR and reporting to funding bodies. 

We wish to ensure that all photography at the Mary Rose Museum and at outreach events undertaken by the Trust complies with GDPR guidance and protects the young people who take part.

This policy has been drawn up by the Education Department and GDPR representatives following consultation with peers and the Museum Development Service.

We will seek to keep children and young people safe by:

  • always asking for written consent from a child and their parents or carers, or teachers/headteachers (in loco parentis) before taking and using a child’s image
  • always explaining what images will be used for (marketing, social media etc.) and will be used for a reasonable period of time
  • signage will always be put up to notify visitors when photography or filming is taking place
  • securely storing photographs with accompanying permissions under the control of selected staff members
  • making it clear that if a child or their family withdraw consent for an image to be shared, it may not be possible to delete images that have already been shared or published
  • not naming individual children (unless in exceptional circumstances e.g. press)
  • using images that positively reflect young people’s involvement in the activity
  • challenging members of the public who may inadvertently or otherwise be photographing children in the museum
  • reminding parents/carers to only photograph their own children during activities
  • briefing non-Mary Rose staff photographers appropriately

Children who cannot be photographed: If individual children, parents and/or carers, or teachers/headteachers do not consent to photographs being taken, we will respect their wishes. We will agree in advance how they would like to be identified so the photographer knows not to take pictures of them, and ensure this is done in a way that does not single out the child. We will not exclude a child from an activity because we do not have consent to take their photograph.

For any questions or further information contact [email protected]

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.

This policy will be reviewed in March 2023.