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Learning resources

Whether it's a school project, homework or just taking an interest, we've got something for all young people eager to find out more about the Mary Rose!

Meet the crew
Find out more about the Men of the Mary Rose, their jobs on board ship, and other fascinating facts!

Perfect for homework and school projects

Meet the crew
The Mary Rose STEM lab
Explore the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths related to Henry VIII's incredible Tudor ship, The Mary Rose.

Suitable for Primary, Secondary and higher.

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Visit the STEM lab
Teachers and leaders guides to The Mary Rose
Everything you need to know when planning your visit to the Mary Rose

Guides to visiting the Mary Rose, as well as guides for students.

Looking At The Ship

Of course, the best way to discover the Mary Rose is to come and see her for yourself at the museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard! 

Plan your visit
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