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The Mary Rose blog

Historical stories, conservation and collections updates and other stories from the Mary Rose

The Roses of the Mary Rose 14 Feb 2018
Depictions of the Tudor Rose on the Mary Rose

Branding is everything. Everybody recognises the Nike swoosh, the Apple logo, or the McDonalds Arches, because they’re everywhere. In England during the time of the Mary Rose, the most prominent image was the Tudor Rose, symbol of the Royal Family, and of the king, Henry VIII.

While the Tudor Rose...

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What did they do with the drunken sailors? 06 Feb 2018
In June 1539, four of the Mary Rose's crew went drinking...

One of the wonderful things about the Mary Rose is that the artefacts tell the story of the lives of ordinary sailors, people who otherwise would remain unrecorded in history. However, there is one account of the activities of Mary Rose sailors in official records, but sadly they weren't distinguishing...

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Digitisation Blog – 15,000 images scanned! 03 Jan 2018
The Collections Volunteers have reached their target!

Back in February 2017, thanks to funding from Arts Council England’s Designation Development Fund, the Mary Rose Trust were able to start the process of digitising its vast photographic archive of the material.  After fully getting our heads round what was required, we recruited a fantastic team of enthusiastic...

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Mary Rose Archive Digitisation – November 2017 04 Dec 2017
Digitisation continues...

In late October, we welcomed eight new Collections Volunteers to the digitisation team. Following an induction day, which involved an introduction and overview of the Mary Rose Trust, we commenced training on all the digitisation processes. After this, the new team members wasted no time in getting stuck into the...

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Mary Rose weddings, with a little inspiration from the royals… 20 Nov 2017
As Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip celebrate a remarkable 70 years of marriage on 20th November, we thought we’d take a look at royal weddings through the centuries, and see what inspiration we can draw from them.

Princess Margaret’s wedding to Antony Armstrong-Jones in the spring of 1960 was the first royal wedding to be broadcast live on television, and since then, the world has tuned in to a succession of royal nuptials.

In 1981, we watched with bated breath as a young Lady Diana Spencer walked...

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The Peter Pomegranate 31 Oct 2017
Sister ship of the Mary Rose

Built in 1510 in Portsmouth, The Peter Pomegranate was a 300 ton carrack, enlarged to 600 tonnes in 1536.

Her name probably comes from St Peter and the Pomegranate, which as well as having symbolic links to St Peter, much as the Rose had links with the Virgin Mary, was...

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Mary Rose – Digitisation Blog – October 2017 20 Oct 2017
Digitisation continues...

October has been a major month in the digitisation project in terms of milestones that we have now reached.  Firstly, the Collections Volunteers have completed the digitisation of the 35mm slides currently held in the archive!  This is a huge achievement in itself, but on top of this – the...

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World-renowned historian and author visits the Mary Rose 03 Oct 2017
Internationally-renowned historian Alison Weir is to visit the Mary Rose to hold a dinner surrounded by the preserved timbers of Henry VIII’s most famous vessel.

Alison, who has published 25 titles and sold more than 2.7 million books, will host the high-profile event on the Upper Deck – a newly-refurbished space within the shiphall that brings people closer than ever before to the only 16th century warship on display in the world.

Alison, author of ...

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Mary Rose – Digitisation Blog – July 2017 08 Aug 2017
Digitisation continues...

July has been a very busy month on the Mary Rose Digitisation Project. At the end of the month, we reached the major milestone of 7,500 digitised images. This marks the half way point towards our Phase 1 target of 15,000 digitised images. A huge congratulations to the Collections Volunteers...

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