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Originally conceived during the pandemic of 2020, this podcast series conveys short stories about the Mary Rose, Tudor life, the museum and the team. 

They take the form of Adrian Bowles, a heritage professional who has worked with the Mary Rose for over 20 years, “In conversation with…” historians, scientists and other people whose lives are linked with the Mary Rose's story.



Series 2: August 2021 - Present

Episode 1: Alliances, Intrigue, Peace and War…
In conversation with… Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, historian and broadcaster
Episode 2: The Battle of the Solent
In conversation with… Dr. Dominic Fontana, historian, author, and expert on the Battle of the Solent.

Series 1: April 2020 - April 2021

Episode 1: Diver, Maritime Archaeologist and Expert
In Conversation With…Christopher Dobbs, Head of Interpretation at the Mary Rose Trust
Episode 2: Keeping the Museum afloat in Lockdown!
In conversation with… Professor Eleanor Schofield, Deputy Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Trust
Episode 3: Did Black Lives Matter in Tudor England?
In conversation with… Onyeka Nubia, TV historian and professor of history.
Episode 4: The Tudor Pandemic
In conversation with… Dr Alex Hildred, Head of Research and Diane Budden, Medical Historian.
Episode 5: The View From the Top
In conversation with… Dominic Jones, Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Trust