Looking back and looking forward. | The Mary Rose
Looking back and looking forward.
Collections | 02 Jan, 2023 | The Collections Team
A review of a year in museum collections by Sarah Coggins, conservation engineer at the Mary Rose Trust.

"I can’t believe that our first collections blog went live in February 2022!  

During my Christmas break I’ve been looking back at the blog and reflecting on some of the stories surrounding the work we accomplished in 2022."

This year was the 40th anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose and it felt like there was coverage of our anniversary celebrations all over the telly and social media. On the collections blog, diver Kester Keighley described his experience preparing for the hull to be lifted off the seabed and we discovered what really happened during that nerve wracking crash on live TV as the hull inched out of the sea for the first time in over 400 years.

Weston Heritage Interns in the Mary Rose ship hall

We had some new faces join our team in 2022 and they created some inspiring blogs about their time with us. Our Kickstart trainees, Luca and Tom, shared what made them want to work at the Mary Rose, what they enjoyed the most and Tom shed some light on the tragedy that unfolded the day the Mary Rose sank. In the Summer we welcomed our Weston Heritage Interns, who blogged of their work behind the scenes. Tana explored some of the cutting-edge technology used to tell new stories in the museum, James gave us an insight into the careful monitoring and measuring we do on the hull of the ship and Rosanna showed us some of the unusual ‘souvenirs’ from the Mary Rose Trust’s Collection.

Bell in the museum

For British Science Week, Dr Eleanor Schofield gave a rough guide to becoming a scientist. We had a closer look at two unique objects recovered from the Mary Rosethe ship’s bell and an unusual pewter flagon. We also dove into the secondary collection objects that weren’t recovered from the ship but are all related to the Mary Rose story in some weird and wonderful ways.

We have lots of ideas for stories to share with you in 2023 including how the Mary Rose Museum is becoming more environmentally friendly, an exciting experiment we have been conducting on wood from the hull and finding out more about the men who lived and worked on the ship through the collection. We’d love to hear what you would like to read about on the blog as well!  If you have any ideas, please let us know on one of our social media channels.

Finally, if the blogs written by the Weston Heritage interns have inspired you and you are currently studying at university; the internships will be running during the Summer of 2023. Check out our recruitment page early in the new year for details on how to apply!