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In conversation with… Dr Dominic Fontana
Podcast | 02 Nov, 2021 | Guest Blog
The Mary Rose podcast

Episode 2: The Battle of the Solent

In conversation with… Dr. Dominic Fontana, historian, author, and expert on the Battle of the Solent.

Dominic Fontana has spent many years, and a great deal of scientific effort, investigating the details of the Battle of the Solent – the action against the French fleet in which the Mary Rose sank.

He has researched weather patterns, tidal currents; he has compared the famous Cowdray engraving with the actual topography of the landscape it depicts.

Using these findings allied to historical documentation written at the time and shortly afterwards, he has been able the establish the most likely course of events that led to the sinking of the Mary Rose.

Join us for this fascinating insight into what happened on that fateful day, the 19th July 1545.

Running Time: 31 Mins