Talk and tour: Tudor archery and how to make a Tudor arrow | The Mary Rose

Talk and tour: Tudor archery and how to make a Tudor arrow

23 Mar - 23 Mar 2024

13:00 - 16:30

  • per person: £35.00

Saturday 23rd March 2024

Join us for this unique and unforgettable experience which explores archery in Tudor times.

Discover how a arrow was made step-by-step, explore the museum with a guided, behind-the-scenes tour of our collection. Enjoy refreshments in our Wardroom suite and access to our VIP Bridge Balcony, with views across Portsmouth harbour. 

This experience is perfect for archery and history lovers alike, and those who want an unforgettable museum experience which goes beyond the average visit. 

What to expect: 

  • Delve deeper into our fascinating one-of-a-kind collection with our behind the scenes tour. Your expert guide will lead you through the museum, highlighting the collection of Tudor bows, arrows and weaponry, and through the Archive, home to our reserve collection, not normally open to the public. 
  • After tea and coffee in our private Wardroom suite, enjoy a 40 minute talk and presentation on Tudor archery and the archers of the Mary Rose. This engaging and fascinating talk will be accompanied by demonstrations on how to make a Tudor-styled arrow step by step, and the chance to view real and handle replica arrows. With plenty of time for audience participation, questions, along with artefact and replica handling. 

This experience is an unmissable event for history and archery lovers alike. 

Please Note: This experience price includes entry to the Mary Rose Museum for the day of, and time of the event only, and does not include a Mary Rose ticket.