Hands on History: Calligraphy Crafts | The Mary Rose

Hands on History: Calligraphy Crafts

28 Aug - 02 Sep 2023

11:00 - 15:00

28th August - 2nd September 2023

Get hands on with history and write like a Tudor with this engaging and fun family craft activity. 

Did you know we found an inkpot made from cow horn in an area it's believed the officers quarters would have been on board the ship. Literacy was uncommon in the working classes, so anyone who possessed an ink pot would almost certainly be higher up the social ladder.
Try your hand at writing like the officers onboard the Mary Rose, using modern calligraphy pens or, for the more Tudor effect, one of our feather quills! 

Write your name, make a bookmark, or even create your own sailors story!