Learning more about our longbows | The Mary Rose
Learning more about our longbows
Collections | 20 Feb, 2019 | The Mary Rose
3D laser scanning is taking place in the Mary Rose museum

The team at the Mary Rose are working with researchers from the Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton and Traditional Boats of Ireland Project to learn more about the longbows recovered from Henry VIII's flagship, lost in the waters of the Solent off the Portsmouth coast. 

Scanning Longbows
Scanning Longbows

The archery assemblage from the Mary Rose constitutes the largest collection of Tudor longbows anywhere in the world; 172 longbows were recovered from the Mary Rose, along with four chests.

A Faro arm, a state-of-the-art 3D scanner, has been brought to The Mary Rose, and will allow our team to get accurate measurements of the longbows, to within 0.002mm. This information will eventually be made available to researchers and enthusiasts.

While most of the scanning is taking place in our collections, on 21st February 2019 the team will take the scanner into The Mary Rose to demonstrate the process to the public. Attendance of these demonstrations is free with a valid Mary Rose ticket.

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