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Sponsorship opportunities

Discover the varied sponsorship opportunities available with the Mary Rose, from supporting education and outreach projects, to funding new exhibitions, curatorial roles and much more.

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With 500 years of history on display in the Mary Rose Museum, we are continually surrounded by the past and how we can use it to inspire future generations. One way that we do this is by undertaking ambitious development plans, curatorial projects and educational outreach.

As an independent museum that receives no government funding, it is vital that we work with brand partners and sponsors in order to bring these projects to life.

We are pleased to be able to offer a varied selection of sponsorship solutions that can be carefully curated to help you deliver your own strategic objectives.

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How corporate sponsorship can help the Mary Rose

The Mary Rose Trust is the custodian of not only a Tudor icon – the Mary Rose itself, reputedly the favourite fighting vessel of Henry VIII – but, also, a diverse and unique representation of everyday life in 16th century England. In this regard it is our vital job to care for and conserve the Mary Rose and its contents, along with the remains of her crew and their personal effects, for future generations.

A key part of this objective is to inspire current generations through educational programmes and contemporary interpretation of the collections. We engage actively with local communities, making a positive contribution to the general wellbeing, culture and economy of all in our region.

The scale at which we can accomplish these charitable objectives depends hugely on the Trust’s financial sustainability. This sustainability is underpinned by the performance of the Museum as a visitor attraction, as the large proportion of our revenues are derived from ticket sales and from associated retail sales alongside other commercial activities engaging the public.

Therefore, to maintain the Museum’s ongoing attraction to new and returning visitors we need to constantly refresh and renew our offering. This requires capital funding for special projects, for updated and enhanced technological features, as well as internal and external exhibitions – and this is where the investment from corporate sponsors can be of crucial help.

Building for the future

As times evolve, so does the offering of the Mary Rose Museum. Here are some of our recent and ongoing projects and investments that have diversified the Museum’s offering:

Pop Goes the Mary Rose

Currently in the development phase, our next exhibition, Pop Goes the Mary Rose, is due to open in summer 2024. All about the Mary Rose’s influence in popular culture, this exhibition is aimed to be a bright, colourful, step into the the last 40 years, sharing pop culture references to the Mary Rose in television, books, news, graffiti and so much more! Did you know that the Mary Rose was referenced in Star Trek and Doctor Who, or that the ship was on the front cover of the Radio Times?

We are still looking for corporate sponsorship for this project – please reach out, by emailing [email protected], if you would like to support us.

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Dive the Mary Rose 4D

In March 2023, we launched Dive the Mary Rose 4D, a state-of-the-art multi-sensory cinema that allows visitors the chance to get a feel for the discovery, excavation, and recovery of the Mary Rose as if they were part of the original diving team.

Narrated by TV star and documentary presenter Ross Kemp, Dive the Mary Rose 4D was created by the award-winning Figment Productions, who have previously worked with the Royal Opera House, National Trust and Legoland.

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1545 Experience

As you enter the Museum, your first encounter the 1545 Experience, an interactive walk-through that tells the story of the Battle of the Solent and the fateful day the Mary Rose sank.  Narrated in part by friend of the Museum, Dame Judi Dench, this was launched in the summer of 2021 and provides an immersive introduction to the Mary Rose’s story.

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Portsmouth community engagement project

Through funding received from the National Heritage Lottery Resilience Fund, we are working with six partners within the City of Portsmouth to engage new and diverse audiences. Using inspiration from the Mary Rose collections, we are creating projects which will include dance, music and art, working with young adults through to those living with dementia.

What the Mary Rose Museum can do for you

As the Museum continues to evolve its offering to visitors, we’re now doing the same with the way we work with brand partners.

To continue improving our visitor experience, we want to work with brands who will benefit from access to our engaged audience, unique venue and ambitious CSR campaigns – mutually beneficial partnerships that allow us to inspire our visitors and allow you to tackle your biggest business objectives.

By supporting the Mary Rose Museum, you can address the following objectives:

  • Corporate entertainment
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Social purpose
  • Staff engagement
  • Showcasing product
  • Customer retention
  • Brand affinity
  • Data capture

In return for your support we can offer your organisation a selection of the benefits listed below:

A unique venue for your use

As a site of huge historical significance, the Mary Rose Museum is the perfect place to inspire staff, clients, or potential customers, whether you’re looking to motivate your workforce on your latest away day or impress your clients with a private dinner from the Top Deck of the Museum overlooking the ship from above.

On-site branding

Throughout the Museum, we can make sure that your brand is visible in a way that positions you as a valued supporter of one the nation’s most loved cultural sites. Your brand will be integrated into the fabric of the Museum without it feeling intrusive, leading to increased affinity among our visitors.

Mentions in our digital channels

The Mary Rose Museum has a combined social following of 68,000, and an annual reach of over three million, as well as 4,500 (and growing) newsletter followers. When you sponsor the Mary Rose Museum, we will ensure that our audience know that you have supported the project and will continue to reiterate this message where appropriate over the years.

A unique audience

We have a diverse audience, with visitors coming from a multitude of backgrounds, viewpoints and cultures. Some come for a fun family day out to make memories, and others for their love of history. The one this they all have in common is their positive engagement with the Museum, shown in 5-star rankings we have in TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. Reach 250,000+ engaged persons yearly by sponsoring the Mary Rose Museum.

Museum tickets

Whether you’re trying to entice new customers or increase retention, we’re able to offer access to tickets throughout the partnership. These can be plugged into your existing marketing mix, used for employee engagement or to incentivise data capture.

Unforgettable hospitality

From guided tours to afternoon tea, our hospitality options will provide you with many opportunities to entertain and educate your business contacts. A partnership with the Mary Rose Museum will give you the flexibility to access these VIP experiences throughout the course of the year.

Retail opportunities

With a very popular giftshop on-site, we can work with your brand (if appropriate) to explore new sales opportunities. This could be in the form of stocking your product or offering visitors a product masterclass – delivering brand engagement and sales at the same time.

Next steps

A partnership with the Mary Rose Museum can be as unique as the ship herself. Everything is built with you in mind, where partnerships and sponsorships can be crafted and curated for your needs. Whether you want to reach an affluent audience or enhance your CSR efforts, we can answer real business challenges.

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For further information, please contact Stephen Parkes, via email [email protected] or phone 02392 812931.