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Dive the Mary Rose 4D

A new 4D immersive experience!

Museums and Heritage Awards Winner 2024

Dive into the untold story of the finding, excavation and recovery of the Mary Rose in our new 4D cinema experience

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Hear the stories of the people who dived on the ship, from the Tudor divers of 1545 to the 20th century search by Alexander McKee and his team of volunteers. Then enter our new state-of-the-art 4D theatre and join the divers as they discover the first timbers, excavate the 34m-long shipwreck, recover her treasures and return the Mary Rose to the surface for the first time in 437 years, all brought to life with a combination of archive footage and CGI, as well as multi-sensory features including sounds, smells, bubbles, wind and movement.

Dive the Mary Rose 4D tells the stories of all those who were instrumental in bringing the Mary Rose to the surface of The Solent, acting as a lasting legacy for the hundreds of individuals involved in the world’s largest underwater excavation and recovery.

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General information

Included in any valid Mary Rose Museum ticket, including Ultimate Explorer season tickets

Capacity: 40 visitors plus 2 wheelchair spaces per show.

Opening hours: Museum opening hours are 10am – 5pm/5.30pm. Dive the Mary Rose 4D will be open during these hours, with the last showing 30 minutes before the Museum closes.

Please consider the following before enjoying Dive the Mary Rose 4D:

  • You will experience vibrations, scents, loud noises, flashing lights and bubbles
  • This experience is not advisable for anyone:
    • With neck or back problems
    • During pregnancy
    • Prone to motion sickness
    • No eating and drinking
    • Not recommended to children 4 years and under
  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult
  • No filming is allowed
  • Wheelchair accessible

Speak to a staff member upon arrival, or contact us for further details