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Find out how to support the Mary Rose Museum and Trust, ensuring that our iconic Tudor vessel and unrivalled collection of Tudor life is safeguarded now and for future generations.

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The Mary Rose not only conserves the remains of this iconic vessel, but also its unique and unrivalled collection of everyday life in Tudor England. Its singular contribution to the cultural heritage of the nation cannot be underestimated.

The Mary Rose receives no regular funding from governmental bodies. As with most heritage organisations, our revenue is primarily secured through ticket income. However, to cover all costs, including maintaining the ship, the collection and the Museum, and to develop inspiring educational, community and interpretation projects, we need to look beyond our daily visitors.

We are grateful to our generous Patrons and donors. Contributions ensure we conserve the Mary Rose – for now and the future.

There are many different ways to donate. Each one can make a significant difference.

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Volunteer at the Mary Rose and support a Tudor icon