Sir George Carew’s Dodgy Past! | The Mary Rose
Sir George Carew’s Dodgy Past!
Historical | 21 Sep, 2018 | Museum Blogger
The last admiral of the Mary Rose had an interesting history...

Sir George Carew is probably best known as the admiral of the Mary Rose on the day she sank, 19th July 1545.

However, while he had many years in service, both as a Member of Parliament for Devon in 1529, and later in 1536 and 1542 as High Sheriff of Devon, plus commanding Rysbank fort in 1539, he has quite a colourful past.

Not only did he try to enter the service of the French crown without authorisation in 1526, but was also implicated in conspiracies against the English crown, both in 1532 and 1540, the latter resulting in his being questioned at the Tower of London.

Luckily for him, he was pardoned by the Henry VIII on each occasion. Unluckily for him, it was also Henry VIII who put him in command of the Mary Rose on 18th July 1545.

George Carew by Hans Holbein the Younger