The Mary Rose welcomes our 10,000,000th Visitor! | The Mary Rose
The Mary Rose welcomes our 10,000,000th Visitor!
10,000,000 visitors since 1983

This is a magnificent milestone for the Museum which houses Henry VIII’s flagship and a treasure chest of Tudor artefacts. Visitors have been flocking to see the Mary Rose since she was first put on view to the public in 1983, after being raised from the seabed in 1982. The raising was watched by 60 million people worldwide, and 11th October 2017 marks 35 years since that memorable moment.

Mike and Sandra Perkins were the lucky visitors who helped the Mary Rose reach 10 million visitors today  –  a  complete surprise for the couple from Pembroke Dock in Wales. They were welcomed to the Museum by CEO of the Mary Rose Trust, Helen Bonser-Wilton. To mark the occasion, the Perkins’ were given special access. Kitted out with hard hats and high-vis jackets, the couple were taken behind the scenes in the Weston Ship Hall allowing them to get right up close to the Mary Rose.

Helen Bonser-Wilton comments, ‘We are delighted to have welcomed 10 million visitors to the Mary Rose, especially as it falls so close to the 35th anniversary of the raising next month. The Mary Rose is a true British icon and this is a significant milestone in our story. The Mary Rose offers a totally immersive experience and a fascinating insight into Tudor life.’



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