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Events Relaxed opening mornings
Dive the Mary Rose 4D

NEW FOR 2023

A new 4D immersive theatre experience showcasing the untold story of the finding, excavation, and recovery of the Mary Rose

Included in a Mary Rose Ticket

Afternoon Tea Experiences

28th July - 1st October 2023

Treat yourselves or your loved ones with a luxury experience this summer, including a guided tour and afternoon tea at the Boathouse 4 restaurant. 

Talk and Tour: The Guns of the Mary Rose 14 Oct - 14 Oct 2023
Saturday 14th October 2023

Join us for a memorable museum experience, which goes beyond the average visit, taking guests on a journey through many wonderful and fearsome guns found aboard the Mary Rose, Tudor weaponry, and our one-of-a-kind collection of Tudor artefacts. 

This experience combines a behind the scenes tour, led by our...

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Create a Critter 21 Oct - 28 Oct 2023
Saturday 21st and Saturday 28th October 2023

Learn about the pesky pests, creepy critters and animals that have lived onboard the Mary Rose

Create your own creepy critter! Use googly eyes, fuzzy spots, sparkles and pipe cleaners!

Take a look at one of our pesky pests fact sheets to learn amazing, weird and wonderful facts about the...

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Under the Microscope: Bugs up close! 24 Oct - 27 Oct 2023
Tuesday 24th - Friday 27th October 2023

Use our microscopes and inspect our range of specimens up close! Get hands on experience using a lab microscope, and take a look at some weird and wonderful creepy crawlies up close.

Free with a valid Mary Rose/Portsmouth Historic Dockyard ticket.

Part of Creepy Conservation running across Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

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Under the Microscope: Meet the Conservator! 24 Oct - 27 Oct 2023
Tuesday 24th - Friday 27th October 2023

Ever wondered what a flea looks like really really close up! This is your chance to meet members of our conservation team, learn how they use high tech microscopes and take a close up look at some of the creepy critters linked with the Mary Rose. This activity explores the...

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Wreck Invaders! 24 Oct - 27 Oct 2023
Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th & Friday 27th October

Join Dr Alexzandra Hildred, Maritime Archaeologist and Head of Research to hear about the weird, wonderful, and sometimes scary critters encountered during the excavation of the Mary Rose. From spider crabs to eels, these amazing facts and stories from the excavation of the Mary Rose will entertain and interest children...

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Relaxed Opening Morning 29 Oct - 29 Oct 2023
Sunday 29th October 2023

Every month we hold Relaxed Opening or Lights Up mornings, where from 10am-12 noon the lights in the museum will be at a higher level, and sound effects will be turned down. As always our wonderful team of volunteers and staff will be on hand to guide you through the...

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Guided Tours

Enhance your visit with a guided tour, we have options for every level of interest!

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Ultimate Ship Hall Experiences

Join us for a VIP, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get closer to the Mary Rose than ever before!

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Venue Hire at The Mary Rose

Set in the heart of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the Mary Rose museum is an unique venue that will make any occasion unforgettable.

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