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Trestle table stand


This folding stand was found on the main deck of the Mary Rose, just outside the Surgeon’s cabin.

This folding stand was found on the main deck, just outside the Surgeon s cabin. It is made of two lightweight frames, with chamfered uprights (114.3cm long) and ogee cut outs on the upper and lower rails (76cm wide), joined with a wooden peg. There are also indentations where a leather strap would have prevented them from opening too far. One of the upper rails is marked with the Roman numeral IV, suggesting this may have been part of a set, although no others were found onboard.

This stand is most likely for a table, although it is too low for a full-height dining table or one at which the user could comfortably stand. The height is most convenient when used by a sitter and it may be that the stand originally acted as a form of campaign table supporting a simple detachable board top to hold a map.

Please be aware that this object is not on display in the museum