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Mary Rose Management Team

Meet the management team at the Mary Rose Trust

Dominic Jones
Chief Executive

Dominic was recruited to the Mary Rose in 2019 as Chief Operating Officer and brings an excellent background in commercial visitor attractions (Disney, Merlin) and creative visitor experience development. 

During his time at the Mary Rose, he has already driven an excellent commercial and operational performance and worked closely with previous Chief Executive to create the new Portsmouth Historic Dockyard joint venture with the National Museum of the Royal Navy, which launched successfully in August 2020.  

Prof. Eleanor Schofield
Deputy Chief Executive

Prof. Eleanor Schofield is Deputy Chief Executive at the Mary Rose Trust.

After completing her PhD in Materials Science at Imperial College London in 2006, she completed research posts at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory and the University of Kent.

She joined the Mary Rose Trust in 2012 and is now responsible for the conservation of the Mary Rose hull and associated artefacts, the care and management of the collection and research into novel conservation treatments and characterisation methods.

Sue Wright
Head of Finance

Sue Wright is the Head of Finance at the Mary Rose Trust

Alexzandra Hildred
Head of Research

Alexzandra Hildred BA, DSc, MCIFA, FSA, is Head of Research and Curator of Ordnance and Human Remains at the Mary Rose Trust. Alex joined the project in 1979 as a graduate archaeologist. An archaeological supervisor during the 1979-1982 excavations, she has since directed the site monitoring, survey and excavations which culminated in recovering the stem in 2005. 

She has researched and published the weapons of the ship, producing one of the five volumes comprising the archaeology of the Mary Rose, and has worked with the Royal Armouries manufacturing and firing full-scale copies of guns recovered. Alex has taught both at undergraduate and post graduate level and within the Nautical Archaeological Society training scheme. 

Alex has extensive experience on other underwater sites and has directed multi-season projects in Malta and Holland. She was Chairman of the Institute of Field Archaeologists Maritime Affairs Group and a member of the Government Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites. She is nominated archaeologist for the Cattewater and Roosvijk historic wreck sites. Alex is married with four children.

Christopher Dobbs
Head of Interpretation

Chris started work at the Mary Rose in 1979 as one of the Archaeological Supervisors in charge of excavating the contents of the shipwreck. In 1982 he changed to the Salvage Diving Team and was one of the divers still working underwater as it came to the surface on October 11, 1982.

He then worked on other projects in a number of countries before returning to the Mary Rose Trust as the archaeologist responsible for recording the hull and reinstating the deck timbers that had been removed underwater.  For the last ten years he has been working on the interpretation – the ideas and content for the new museum that opened in July 2016.

Chris also has an international reputation having been Chairman and now Vice-President of the influential Nautical Archaeology Society.  He is the UK representative on the International Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage and Chairman of the Maritime Archaeology Committee of the International Congress of Maritime Museums.

Michelle Rickman
Executive Assistant

Michelle Rickman is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive, Dominc Jones.

Michelle started her career at the Mary Rose Trust in 2008 as the Project Officer for the new Mary Rose Museum building and then moved to her current role in 2013 once the museum had opened to the public.  

She is primarily responsible for the administration of Trustee Board, Committee and panel meetings, as well as HR.

Sally Tyrrell
Head of Development

Sally joined the Trust in 1988 and has seen the Mary Rose through many changes over the years, including the concept, creation and opening of the current museum. 

Formerly Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive, Sally is now Head of Development, responsible for fundraising and PR.

She had the privilege of being able to dive on the wreck site in 2005 and was responsible for the opening ceremony for the Museum in 2013 and the relaunch in 2016.