Commemorative Inscriptions | The Mary Rose
Commemorative Inscriptions

Commemorate a loved one, celebrate your love of Tudor history or simply help to fund our work for future generations, with an inscription on the outside of the Mary Rose Museum.



Making your Mark

In 2013, we ran the “Make Your Mark” initiative - a fundraising drive where we offered people the chance to get commemorative inscriptions made along the ‘whale line’ of the museum.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the opening museum, and we're creating a strictly limited number of additional spaces for commemorative inscriptions. Once these spaces are filled this opportunity will no longer be available, so don't wait too long!

Each commemorative inscription can comprise up to 30 characters, available for a suggested donation of no less than £5,000, payable to the Mary Rose Trust. This donation would include all maintenance to the inscriptions to ensure their ongoing legibility.

How to make your mark

To take advantage of this exceptional and unique opportunity, contact Pippa Bostock at [email protected] for more information.