Events at The Mary Rose in 2019
Events coming up in 2019!

This year we've got loads of exciting events taking place at The Mary Rose for all ages!

The Men of the Mary Rose: Who Do We Think They Were?

Spring 2019

This year discover a whole new view of Henry VIII’s navy with our exciting exhibition, which combines the latest scientific and genealogical research to show us who really crewed the Mary Rose. 

Take part in science workshops, follow the museum trails and become a ‘Tudor Time Detective’ to uncover the secrets of life in 1545.

You’ll never look at Tudor England the same way again!

Totally Tudor: Courtly Love

16th - 24th February 2019

Find out how Henry’s courtiers captured hearts with romantic letters, beautiful calligraphy and fragrant gifts. 

Science Week at the Mary Rose

8th - 17th March 2019

Meet our world-renowned conservation team as they bring the science of the Mary Rose to life!

Totally Tudor: Meet the Crew

Easter- 6th April - 21st April 2019

Come face to face with the men of the Mary Rose! Become a Tudor Time Detective and find out who they were.

Totally Tudor: Meet the Master Chef

May Bank Holiday - 4th-6th May 2019

How do you cook for 500 men on a Tudor ship? Find out as we fire up our replica galley oven!

Totally Tudor: Games and Pastimes

May half term - 25th May - 2nd June 2019 

See how the crew enjoyed their hard-earned leisure time onboard the Mary Rose!

Anniversary of the Sinking of the Mary Rose

19th July 2019

Why did the Mary Rose sink at the Battle of the Solent? Hear the intriguing theories then decide for yourself!

Tudor Shipwright: Festival of Archaeology 2019

20th - 28th July 2019

Meet the craftsmen building a replica Tudor boat, plus enjoy a fun celebration of the wonders of archaeology!

Totally Tudor Summer Holidays

Weds 24th July - Tues 3rd September 2019

Six weeks of Totally Tudor activities - a different one each week!

A family enjoys the interactive displays at The Mary Rose
Totally Tudor Courtly Love at The Mary Rose
Science Week at The Mary Rose
Totally Tudor - Meet the Master Chef
Totally Tudor Shipwright
Totally Tudor - Why the Mary Rose sank
Totally Tudor Men of War

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