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A Dog's Tale
Download "A Dog's Tale"

To celebrate International Book Giving Day, we handed out copies of "A Dog's Tale", a short story about Hatch, the ship's dog on board the Mary Rose.

However, if you missed out, fear not, as we are proud to offer it for free as an e-book!

It's available in .epub and PDF format, which should work with all good e-readers, and is fully illustrated!

Download it here - EPUB - PDF, or read it online beneath the excerpt below.

A long time ago, on a ship called the Mary Rose, lived a little dog, whose name was Hatch. 
Hatch was only young, but he knew that, if he wanted to stay on the ship, he’d have to find a job. He left his comfortable space outside the carpenter’s cabin, and headed off onto the decks.
The first people he came across were a gun crew, working close to the carpenter’s cabin.
The six men of the gun crew were taking part in a gun drill, loading the cannon ball into the muzzle of a large bronze cannon. Hatch watched as they added stuffed straw down the cannon, then they all stepped back.
“I could be part of a gun crew!” he thought to himself.
“HAVE A CARE!” shouted the gun captain and he lit the cannon with his linstock. The Gun crew all covered their ears and jumped back, as the cannon made a loud noise, BOOM, and smoke filled the gunbay.
The sudden loud noise and the clouds of smoke gave Hatch a terrible fright, and he ran away.
“I don’t think I should be a gunner” thought Hatch... 

Hatch Hunting Rats
Hatch The Gun Dog?