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The Mary Rose Trust celebrates 40th anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose with series of expert lectures Posted: 23-09-22

Commemorating those whose hard work enabled the raising of Henry VIII’s warship in 1982, the largest underwater archaeological excavation at the time, guests will be able to attend lectures delivered by leading historians and marine archaeologists

Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Museum, Dominic Jones, said.

“Even after hundreds...

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Mary Rose Trust launches 40th anniversary edition, custom-made beer and gin inspired by the taste of the Tudors Posted: 23-09-22

This September, the Mary Rose Trust (MRT) is launching two new tipples to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the raising of Henry VIII’s flagship, the Mary Rose. To mark the special occasion, the MRT has collaborated with Portsmouth Distillery and Powder Monkey Brewery to launch a special...

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Alexander McKee: a tribute to discoverer Posted: 22-07-22

WITHOUT the drive and enthusiasm of Alexander McKee who died on Wednesday, 22nd July the Mary Rose may never have been found.

In 1965 as an amateur diver he instigated Project Solent Ships and along with other divers from the Southsea branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club spent many months...

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Mary Rose Museum and Picture This Productions launch Augmented Reality detective game Posted: 07-07-22

Created by Picture This Productions’ director Charlotte Mikkelborg, in consultation with the Mary Rose’s Head of Research, Dr Alex Hildred, and expert in multisensory history Dr Hannah Platts (Royal Holloway, University of London), the game turns players into Time Detectives, investigating the sinking of the Mary Rose on 19th July...

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The race to preserve the bricks of a Tudor warship – The Mary Rose Posted: 07-04-22

After hundreds of years submerged in sea water, marine archaeological objects are complex materials due to degradation and inclusion of foreign compounds from the surrounding environment. When excavated and exposed to air these can transform to damaging products which can destroy material, resulting in historical loss. The Mary Rose, King...

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All Aboard Access Fund Launches at the Mary Rose museum! Posted: 07-02-22

Thanks to generous support from the Band Trust, the museum is running a pilot project supporting schools in Portsmouth, Havant and Gosport who may not otherwise be able to visit. The Mary Rose Trust have worked with local authorities to identify eligible schools who would particularly benefit from this opportunity...

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