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Upper Deck Dinners at the Mary Rose Museum Posted: 16-03-17
The Mary Rose Museum has launched new corporate event packages which will allow guests to experience Henry VIII’s flagship as never before.

Guests will be enjoy first class catering while looking down at uninterrupted views of the restored timbers of the ship.

The experience can be personalised with music and lighting tailored to the client and the nature of the event – making each one a memorable, bespoke experience.

The exclusive offering...

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Digital research techniques to help unravel Tudor mysteries Posted: 05-09-16
For the first time human remains and other artefacts found on the Tudor warship Mary Rose are being released to a global audience as interactive 3D digital resources.

 These research-grade, highly accurate photogrammetry models of human skulls, together with a number of artefacts were generated for a Swansea Universityresearch project based in the College of...

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Cod bones reveal globalised fish trade in Tudor England Posted: 05-09-15
Test results from cod bones found on the Mary Rose has led archaeologists to suspect that some of it came from as far away as Newfoundland in eastern Canada.

Test results from one of the sample bones has led archaeologists to suspect that some of the stored cod came from as far away as Newfoundland in eastern Canada.

The research team say that the findings show how naval provisioning played an important role in the early expansion of the...

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Margaret Rule: 1928 – 2015 Posted: 10-04-15

“All at the Mary Rose Trust are deeply saddened to learn that Doctor Margaret Rule has died. For very nearly 50 years, her name has been synonymous with that of the Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s flagship, she having been the archaeological director of the remarkable excavation.

“It was some 50...

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Mary Rose enters final phase of conservation Posted: 29-04-13



The Tudor warship will now enter into an air drying phase, where over 100 tons of water will be extracted from the hull over the next 4 to 5 years. With a pioneering building design, the new museum encircles a “Hot...

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Prince Harry marks the next milestone in the history of the Mary Rose Posted: 18-03-11

In the foreword to the commemorative programme Prince Harry says: “I am delighted to be able to mark another milestone today in the extraordinary history of the Mary Rose. This Foundation Stone in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard moves us a step closer to turning the vision and hard work of so...

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