Shipwreck Explorers

Begins May 2019

Prepare for adventure from May half term! The Mary Rose invites you to experience her miraculous story in a whole new way with the launch of a new interactive trail for families.

Sign up as a ‘Shipwreck Explorer’ when you arrive at the museum and you will be equipped with your map and clues ready for an expedition like no other.

Shipwreck Explorers at The Mary Rose

Uncover a treasure trove of Tudor artefacts from the seabed, get hands on and discover how this amazing shipwreck was found, excavated and salvaged!

When the Mary Rose was excavated by archaeologists on the sea bed it contained many chests full of beautifully preserved artefacts. Now you can recreate this excitement as you discover chests throughout the museum galleries and piece together the clues to solve the mysteries of this famous shipwreck.

Smell real Tudor smells, handle real objects recovered from the Mary Rose, listen to the sounds of the past and see the ship brought to life with cutting edge technology.

Learn all about the crew on board and what life was really like on board one of Henry VIII's ships in Tudor England.

Trail In The Sand

Shipwreck Explorers is free with a valid Mary Rose tickets and for those intrepid explorers who complete the trail they will be rewarded with a memento of their success and be able to join the Mary Rose’s new ‘Shipwreck Explorer Club’

The adventure begins on 24th May!


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