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Hands on History

Pomanders and Potions, Summer Storytelling

Hands on History craft

Dive into the intriguing and rather stinky world of Tudor health and hygiene! Join us for a hands-on history craft session where you can create your very own Tudor-inspired pomander to mask bad smells and, as the Tudors believed, ward off illness.

Learn about the herbs used by apothecaries, wise women, and medics in Tudor times. Discover their fascinating practices and see if you can find our very own Tudor pomander displayed in the Museum galleries.

Step back in time and explore the unique and often surprising ways the Tudors managed health and hygiene.

Summer Storytelling

Join our costumed Tudors for two engaging storytelling sessions. Explore the adventurous world of Vlad the Flea and learn why you wouldn’t want to sail aboard the Mary Rose. Don’t forget to dress the part and snap a photo as a Tudor!

Step into the past and experience tales of Tudor life!

Storytelling at 12pm and 3pm

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