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Hands on History

Paw print tiles and Summer Storytelling

Create your own Tudor tile

Did you know that a cheeky Tudor dog left a paw print on the Mary Rose? Near one of the ship’s galleys, we uncovered a Tudor tile with the unmistakable shape of a dog’s paw print. Be inspired by this imprint left by man’s best friend over 479 years ago and create your very own clay tile!

In this fun and creative activity, children can make their own air-drying clay tile to take home. Imprint it with a dog paw, design your own pattern, or make your mark with your hand. Join us and leave your own piece of history!

Summer Storytelling

Join our costumed Tudors for two engaging storytelling sessions. Explore the adventurous world of Vlad the Flea and learn why you wouldn’t want to sail aboard the Mary Rose. Don’t forget to dress the part and snap a photo as a Tudor!

Step into the past and experience the tales of Tudor life!

Storytelling at 12pm and 3pm

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