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Hands on History

Beeswax Candles and Summer Storytelling

Hands-on History: Tudor Candle Making

Step back in time and discover how the Tudors lit their way in the dark without modern conveniences like light switches. On the Mary Rose, we found remains of tallow candles made from stinky animal fat. In contrast, wealthy Tudors indulged in sweet-smelling beeswax candles.

Join us for a hands-on history session where you can make your very own Tudor-inspired beeswax candle to take home!

Summer Storytelling

Join our costumed Tudors for two engaging storytelling sessions. Explore the adventurous world of Vlad the Flea and learn why you wouldn’t want to sail aboard the Mary Rose. Don’t forget to dress the part and snap a photo as a Tudor!

Step into the past and experience tales of Tudor life!

Storytelling at 12pm and 3pm

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