Music at the Mary Rose | The Mary Rose

Music at the Mary Rose

23 Jun - 24 Jun 2073

10:45 - 15:30

The Dockyard in Harmony

Join us at The Mary Rose Museum and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for this two-day event which celebrates music throughout history. See our attractions come to life with various performances on both dates.

Friday 23rd June:

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard will be hosting Portsmouth Music Hub and schools from across Portsmouth and Hampshire, who will perform a selection of sea shanties throughout the day. Here at The Mary Rose Museum, we invite all valid ticket holders to join us for two performances of sea shanties, sung by local school children. These lively performances will be held on the Upper Deck of the Mary Rose Museum, bringing the ship and collection to life with the jaunty melodies from the past.

Performances will be held in the Mary Rose Museum at 10:45am and 12:15am.

Saturday 24th June

The Mary Rose Museum welcomes Opera singer Jay Britton of The Tudor Song book, and we invite our visitors to experience history through the ears of the Tudors. Listen to the glorious music of the Tudor period, performed in beautiful costume by Jay, a classically trained soprano and accompanied by period lute.

Performed live, let this music transport you to the Tudor world. Jay’s beautiful soprano voice, accompanied by live lute music, is hauntingly beautiful and encapsulates the essence of Henry VIII’s royal court.

Performances held inside the Mary Rose Museum for valid ticket holders only held at 11:30am, 1pm and 2:30pm

Part of the "Dockyard in Harmony" event at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Other performances on site include: The Military Wives Choir, The Sunshine Sisters and The Royal Marines School of Music – The best way to ensure you see all of these fantastic performances is to buy an Ultimate Explorer Ticket!