Meet the Tudor Wise Woman | The Mary Rose

Meet the Tudor Wise Woman

27 May - 27 May 2023

11:00 - 16:00

Curing the sick with herbs and flowers

Our Tudor Wise Woman will be visiting the Museum on Saturday 27th and Saturday 3rd June. Discover what her life was like in Tudor times and how she used her knowledge of herbs and flowers to help cure the sick.

Find her travelling through the museum galleries, entertaining crowds with her stories of healing the sick during Tudor times and how her life and job walked a fine line between helpful healing women and wicked witchcraft!

She’ll also be delivering a apothecary skills demonstration and talk, speak to a staff member on the day for more information

*Activities free for all valid Mary Rose ticket holders; times of activities may vary, please check our website or speak to a staff member on the day of your visit for confirmation.