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Shipwreck Explorers - Savvy Shipwrights! 20 Jul - 01 Aug 2019
How were ships like the Mary Rose built?

Part of the Festival of Archaeology 2019

Discover the ancient skills of shipwrighting as a team of experts use replica tools recovered from the Mary Rose to demonstrate hewing, hacking and cleaving by building a replica Jolywat, a type of 16th century ship’s boat that will take...

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Shipwreck Explorers - Tasty Tudors! 02 Aug - 16 Aug 2019
How do you feed 500 men on a 16th century warship?

Ever wondered what Tudor sailors ate? Or how a ship’s cook fed a huge crew on the high seas?

Come to the Mary Rose and meet the Tudor chefs working on a replica kitchen from King Henry VIII’s favourite warship.

Step into a busy naval kitchen and watch the ship’s...

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Diver’s Daughter – A Tudor Story 17 Aug - 17 Aug 2019
Meet the author

Meet award-winning author Patrice Lawrence and get a signed copy of her new book, Diver’s Daughter – A Tudor Story! This story is a gripping adventure inspired by the story of the Mary Rose and is part of the VOICES series, which aims to highlight authentic, unsung stories of our...

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Shipwreck Explorers - Gruesome Gunners! 17 Aug - 04 Sep 2019
Fighting at sea on The Mary Rose

Explore the 'men of war' on the Mary Rose. The ship fought many wars during her lifetime, and her crew were all highly trained: you will be too after taking part in our exciting activities!

Take part in a gun drill, hit the target with have-a-go archery and discover if...

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Mary Rose VIP Experience with Rib Ride 24 Aug - 24 Aug 2019
Join us on Saturday 24th August for the Ultimate VIP Experience at the Mary Rose! 

Guests can join us for an exclusive day of talks, tours and experiences. Your VIP experience includes the following:

  • A years pass to the Mary Rose Museum
  • A private headset tour of the museum with an expert guide, including access to behind the scenes secondary collection
  • A private audience...
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Behind the scenes of the Mary Rose Collection - Heritage Open Days 2019 13 Sep - 16 Sep 2019
Explore behind the scenes at The Mary Rose!


As part of the 2019 Heritage Open Days, the Mary Rose Trust is excited to be able to offer behind the scenes tours of the Reserve Collection at the Mary Rose Museum. As part of this tour, you will have the opportunity to see...

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Relaxed Opening at the Mary Rose 25 Oct - 25 Oct 2019
25th October 2019

The environment within the Mary Rose is designed to create a stunning atmosphere and display, as well as helping protect the delicate collection of artefacts within the gallery showcases. However, we understand that visitors with a visual impairment or those with other medical and physical conditions, such as autism or...

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Shipwreck Explorers - Rotten Rats 26 Oct - 03 Nov 2019
October Half Term at The Mary Rose Museum

Join in this October Half Term at The Mary Rose Museum, where kids can become Shipwreck Explorers!

Pick up your Shipwrecks Map at the start of your visit, and explore the Museum galleries to find hidden treasure chests. In each chest young explorers can discover fascinating and sometimes rather rotten...

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Shipwreck Explorers 04 Nov - 28 Nov 2019
Uncover a treasure trove of Tudor artefacts from the seabed, get hands on and discover how this amazing shipwreck was found, excavated and salvaged!

When the Mary Rose was excavated by archaeologists on the sea bed it contained many chests full of beautifully preserved artefacts. Now you can recreate this excitement as you discover chests throughout the museum galleries and piece together the clues to solve the mysteries of this famous shipwreck.

Smell real...

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