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The Many Faces of Tudor England 18 Mar - 31 Dec 2019
Tudor England - As you never expected it!

Just who were the men of the Mary Rose?

Discover a whole new view of Henry VIII’s navy with our exciting exhibition, using the latest scientific and genealogical research to show us who the men of the Mary Rose really were. 

You’ll never look at Tudor England the same...

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Mother's Day at the Mary Rose 30 Mar - 31 Mar 2019
Make a treat for your mum this Mother's Day

Henry VIII loved his mum, so visitors this Mother’s Day can create their own cards inspired by the collection and even make perfumed scent bags as a gift for mum, and the king himself will be around to talk about his mother, Elizabeth of York!

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Totally Tudor - Meet the Crew 06 Apr - 22 Apr 2019
Discover the story of crew of Henry VIII's flagship from the man himself!

This Easter come to The Mary Rose and meet Henry VIII and members of his crew – the surgeon will tell gruesome tales of amputations and sickness at sea, the carpenter will show how he kept the Mary Rose ship-shape, and discover what the men ate with the ship’s cook.

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Relaxed Opening at the Mary Rose 19 Apr - 19 Apr 2019
19th April 2019

The environment within the Mary Rose is designed to create a stunning atmosphere and display, as well as helping protect the delicate collection of artefacts within the gallery showcases. However, we understand that visitors with a visual impairment or those with other medical and physical conditions, such as autism or...

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Rib Rides to the Mary Rose wreck site 03 May - 06 May 2019
Discover the full story of the Mary Rose by visiting the site of her loss and recovery!

Extend your Mary Rose experience, take a rib ride out in to the Solent to the Mary Rose wreck site and hear about the sinking and salvage of King Henry VIII's famous warship.

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Meet the Cook 04 May - 06 May 2019
Find out more about feeding 500 men on the Mary Rose

This May bank holiday weekend, join us at The Mary Rose to find out about Tudor cooking and what the crew of the Mary Rose ate and drank.

Inside the museum, you will find The Cook, who will tell you what food he is preparing for the men and officers....

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