Shipwreck Explorers - Gruesome Gunners! | The Mary Rose

Shipwreck Explorers - Gruesome Gunners!

17 Aug - 04 Sep 2019

11:00 - 17:00

Fighting at sea on The Mary Rose

Explore the 'men of war' on the Mary Rose. The ship fought many wars during her lifetime, and her crew were all highly trained: you will be too after taking part in our exciting activities!

Take part in a gun drill, hit the target with have-a-go archery and discover if you have what it takes to join Henry VIII's Army by Sea!

Join us on Sunday 18th and Saturday 31st August at The Mary Rose Museum where we will be joined by medieval archery expert Will Sherman.

Come along and find out what kind of bow and arrows where used by the crew of The Mary Rose. Hear talks about how arrows were constructed in Tudor times, handle replica arrows and ask the expert!

Throughout the day we will have displays of replica bows and arrows, Will shall be holding demos and talks and you can even have the chance to draw a replica bow!

On Sunday 1st Sep we will be welcoming the Purbrook Archers back, who will be doing archery demonstrations throughout the day.