Shipwreck Explorers - Tasty Tudors! | The Mary Rose

Shipwreck Explorers - Tasty Tudors!

02 Aug - 16 Aug 2019

10:00 - 16:30

How do you feed 500 men on a 16th century warship?

Ever wondered what Tudor sailors ate? Or how a ship’s cook fed a huge crew on the high seas?

Come to the Mary Rose and meet the Tudor chefs working on a replica kitchen from King Henry VIII’s favourite warship.

Step into a busy naval kitchen and watch the ship’s chef sweat over the cauldrons, conjuring up a host of dinners for the 500 crew. At weekends the Tudor Master Chef will be firing up a feast at the Mary Rose Museum’s purpose-built authentic replica of the ship’s galley (the first of its kind) every two hours, demonstrating:

  • Cooking a 350-litre beef broth in a duplicate Mary Rose cauldron.
  • Chopping and boiling beef rations in muslin bags for the crew.
  • Dangle-spit roast venison and preparing a pot roast for officers in front of the fire.
  • Making a casserole for officers in a bain-marie of the crew’s food.
  • Mixing up bread and baking it the brick oven.
  • Demonstrating Tudor cooking gadgets like skimmers, scales and a bread trough.

Live firing of the galley will be taking place on Sat 3nd, Sun 4rd, Sat 10th and Sun 11th August