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Tudor England - Brick by Brick

26 May - 03 Jun 2018

12:00 - 16:00

  • 8x8 LEGO® plate, plus certificate: £3.00
  • 2 8x8 LEGO® plate, plus certificate: £5.00

This May help us to create a LEGO® brick portrait of King Henry VIII at the Mary Rose!

The Mary Rose is giving visitors the opportunity to help recreate a famous Tudor portrait of Henry VIII. However, whilst the original portrait, currently on display in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, was created with oil paints, our visitors will be using LEGO® bricks!

In partnership with Bright Bricks, the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional building company, we’re enabling everyone, young and old, to participate in reconstructing this iconic image of one of England’s most well-known monarchs: in the form of a four-metre tall building brick mosaic!

Participation costs just £3, giving you the opportunity to put the bricks on an 8x8 studded LEGO square, which will be added into the portrait. You will also get a map showing the location of your LEGO square in the portrait and a certificate of participation, plus the chance to win a LEGO ship in a bottle worth £70! 

Bright Bricks is a professional LEGO building company who build and design custom LEGO creations for customers all over the UK and worldwide.

Bright Bricks is home to the UK's only LEGO Certified Professional.

Brick By Brick

Brick by Brick LEGO® Event Terms & Conditions:

  1. Mary Rose Tickets are not valid for the Brick by Brick LEGO® Event taking place at the Mary Rose.
  2. Special Event Tickets e.g: LEGO®, do not include full access to the Mary Rose.
  3. Special Events Tickets e.g. LEGO®, are only valid for the day of purchase and do NOT allow entry on any other date and for any other attraction.
  4. Special Event Tickets for our LEGO® event entitle the bearer to the following:

The construction of one 8x8 LEGO® square which will be inserted into the giant Henry VIII mosaic by a member of the Mary Rose team.

To receive a 'Certificate of Participation' and a map displaying the location of constructed 8x8 LEGO® square within the overall mosaic. 

An optional entry into a prize draw to win a LEGO® 'Ship in a Bottle' set (RRP: £70.00)