Make your celebration shipshape | The Mary Rose
Make your celebration shipshape
Venue hire | 04 Oct, 2016 | The Events Team
It’s only a guess on our part but if you’re considering The Mary Rose for your celebration then maybe you’re more than a bit interested in the nautical life and its heritage and traditions?

Fact is that while the Mary Rose may seem very old to all of us, in naval defence terms she’s a bit on the young side – it was King Alfred the Great who got going with the navy thing, way back in the ninth century.

Ever since we launched our first fighting ships, however, naval and seafaring expressions and traditions have become a part of British life.

Whether it’s the phrases ‘push the boat out’ (an act of generosity to someone whose vessel was stuck), to ‘three sheets to the wind’ (meaning very drunk – sheets were the chains or ropes that held down sails) we reference our seafaring heritage every day.

Here at the Mary Rose we love a naval and seafaring tradition, and enjoy helping our guests incorporate them into their celebrations.

From a navy blue and white theme, to nautical table decorations (think rope knots for those who have tied the knot), or painted wooden anchors, to the serving of rum (or, perhaps, incorporating it into the wedding or celebration cake) there are dozens to choose from.

If you’re planning a party for someone who has naval or seafaring connections, we couldn’t be better placed to help.

You’ll be surrounded by artefacts from the world’s only Tudor warship, with the conserved magnificence of The Mary Rose just yards away, and will be able to enjoy views from our Bridge Balcony of the world’s most historic ships, including HMS Victory, World War I warship HMS M.33 and any British or foreign vessels alongside in Portsmouth harbour.

We have two amazing spaces for your celebration; The Ward Room, which seats 18 and looks out over HMS Victory, and the Admiral’s Gallery, which seats 100, where you’ll party in the presence of the finest objects and treasures from The Mary Rose which were recovered from the sea bed.

Planning your celebration couldn’t be easier as we’ll supply an events manager to help you. So – to use another nautical expression – time to get cracking!

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