Where’s the King’s Whistle? | The Mary Rose
Where’s the King’s Whistle?
Storytime | 03 Mar, 2022 | Museum Blogger
A Hatch the Dog story for World Book Day 2022

"Today is a special day on the Mary Rose. King Henry VIII has come to visit his favourite ship! 
The crew have all been busy sweeping the decks, preparing fancy meals, and showing off their skills, while Hatch has been keeping the ship clear of rats.
Despite all this work, the king is not happy. 
While he’s been visiting the Mary Rose he’s been wearing a special gold whistle, but now he’s lost it somewhere on the ship!"

Where's The King's Whistle cover
When Henry VIII loses his golden whistle while visiting his favourite ship, there's only one four legged crew member who can help find it - Hatch the dog!

Based on the ship's dog found on the Mary Rose, Hatch takes us on a journey through the Mary Rose, looking at various things he finds around the ship, and tries to find the king's missing whistle.

Download this story below in either PDF or epub formats, or read it online below!